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University of Dayton achieves a total of $1.2 million in energy efficiency rebates from Dayton Power and Light

The Dayton Power and Light Company is recognizing the University of Dayton for earning a total of $1.2 million in energy efficiency rebates through energy savings measures and projects that are improving the environment and building a culture of sustainability.

Working together, the University achieved the maximum benefit from DP&L's energy programs and rebates to bring more efficient LED lighting, smart thermostats, HVAC improvements, and system controls to optimize heating and cooling efforts across the facilities on campus including Curran Place, Fitz Hall, the University of Dayton Arena and Shroyer Park. 

“One of the largest projects was new and more efficient lighting, the University of Dayton will save 6.8 million kWh per year and more than $400,000 annually. Their lighting retrofits will not only save the University energy and money, but they will provide students, faculty and staff high quality, efficient lighting, which contributes to increased productivity and improved student performance,” said DP&L President and CEO Vince Parisi. “The University’s focus on advanced energy efficiency solutions will save energy and keep costs down. DP&L is proud to be a part of the University of Dayton’s energy savings success story.” 

Reaching $1.2 million in energy rebates is an impressive milestone and a collective effort across all the University’s facilities, and the key projects and their respective energy savings include: 

  • Lighting and controls (129 projects) - $526,000 rebate 
  • Retro commissioning to optimize heating and cooling systems (6 projects) - $493,000 rebate 
  • Other projects (33 projects, including renovations) - $224,000 rebate 

"We are extremely appreciative of DP&L's support in implementing many of these energy-efficient initiatives that have resulted in these rebates. We'll invest these rebates back into our Green Revolving Fund, which supports additional energy-saving improvements on campus, sustainability-related research and hands-on learning opportunities for students," University of Dayton President Eric F. Spina said. "This is truly a campuswide achievement. We don't achieve these rebates without a campuswide sharing of our vision to be good stewards of our environment and priorities to advance sustainability on our campus and in our community." 

To learn more about DP&L’s energy efficiency programs and the University of Dayton's Green Revolving Fund and sustainability accomplishments and pending projects, please visit the related links below.

For interviews and more information, contact Mary Ann Kabel, DP&L director of corporate communications at 937-224-5940, or Shawn Robinson, University of Dayton associate director of news and communications at 937-229-3391.


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