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UD in the news Sept. 30-Oct. 4

Inside Higher Ed prominently featured the School of Law's online hybrid J.D. program; tapped aviation historian Janet Bednarek's expertise for its story, 'How U.S. airports make money'; and The Atlantic interviewed political scientist Joshua Ambrosius for a story on the 2020 election.

All three Dayton TV stations highlighted UD's record graduation rate for the first class enrolled under the new tuition plan.

The Dayton Business Journal included Brent Kondritz, executive director of the Center for Leadership, in its series of executive profiles.

Engineering student Spencer Janning and his invention, the Freedom Brace, graced the front page of the Dayton Daily News' Life section. First Bell, the daily newsletter of the American Society for Engineering Education, picked up the story.

WDTN-TV covered criminal justice studies students wrapping purple ribbons around Dayton for abuse awareness.

How instructors have shaped the curricula of two hybrid J.D. programs starting this fall
Inside Higher Ed
Andrew Strauss, School of Law
Vicki VanZandt, School of Law

How U.S. airports make money
Janet Bednarek, history
(Bednarek's interview airs at 1:14 and 11:18)

Why Trump's favorite 2016 map should scare him
The Atlantic
Joshua Ambrosius, political science

University of Dayton student developed superior leg brace for girl with cerebral palsy
ASEE First Bell
Spencer Janning, student

UD student's invention helps teen with cerebral palsy
Dayton Daily News
Spencer Janning, student

UD sees record graduation rate for first class enrolled under new tuition plan
WHIO-TV, WDTN-TV and ABC22/Fox45
Jason Reinoehl, strategic enrollment management

University of Dayton Center for Leadership teaches business skill and leadership development
Dayton Business Journal
Brent Kondritz, Center for Leadership

YWCA and UD students wrap purple ribbons around Dayton for abuse awareness
Criminal Justice Studies students

Questions remain unanswered one year after Cheryl Coker’s disappearance
Tom Hagel, School of Law


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