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UD in the news Aug. 2-16

BBC Radio, Voice of America, Newsy and NPR interviewed sociologist Art Jipson about white nationalists. Al Jazeera English interviewed law professor Thaddeus Hoffmeister about Jeffrey Epstein's death. Meghan Henning, assistant professor of religious studies, talked to The Daily Beast and The Christian Century about prayer. Immigration expert Miranda Hallett was a guest of a show in Argentina to discuss racism against Hispanics.

One of the NPR interviews with Jipson aired on many NPR affiliates nationwide, including Pittsburgh, New York City, Washington, D.C., and Chicago.

Political scientist Christopher Devine shared his expertise about political factors at work with gun control with outlets in Austin, Texas, and Australia.

pv magazine USA, a website launched for the U.S. photovoltaics community, included the University in a photo essay on solar arrays and pollinators.

Aviation history Janet Bednarek talked to Blue Sky, a news service of Pittsburgh International Airport, about airport authorities overseeing the management of airports.

The University received extensive local coverage for its student-managed investment partnership with the Dayton Foundation, its recent fundraising and research successes, and this year's record enrollment. 

White nationalism draws increased scrutiny part 1 and part 2
BBC Radio
Art Jipson, sociology

El Paso mass shooting meant to galvanize other white nationalists
Art Jipson, sociology

How old racist books, artifacts are Influencing white nationalists of the digital age
Art Jipson, sociology

A look at white supremacy in the wake of the El Paso shooting
Voice of America
Art Jipson, sociology

Is white supremacist violence more of a problem now?
Art Jipson, sociology

How was Jeffrey Epstein able to commit suicide in custody?
Al Jazeera English
Thaddeus Hoffmeister, School of Law

The problematic theology of ‘thoughts & prayers’
Daily Beast
Meghan Henning, religious studies

Prayer isn't a gumball machine
The Christian Century
Meghan Henning, religious studies

¿La comunidad latina e hispana enfrenta mayores situaciones de racismo y cómo las minorías están experimentando esta situación en los Estados Unidos?
Corresponsales en Linea (Argentina)
Miranda Hallett, sociology

Texas and Ohio: Red states with 2 shootings, 2 responses
Austin American-Statesman
Christopher Devine, political science

The powerful organisation blamed for holding the US back on gun control
Christopher Devine, political science

Solar and pollinators: a photo essay
pv magazine USA
Eric. F. Spina, president
University of Dayton

Happy birthday, ACAA!
Blue Sky (A news service of Pittsburgh International Airport)
Janet Bednarek

UD enjoys new research record
WHIO-TV, Dayton Daily News and Dayton Business Journal 

UD continues fundraising momentum
WHIO-TV, Dayton Daily News and Dayton Business Journal

UD undergrads partner with foundation, WDTN-TV, Dayton Daily News and Dayton Business Journal
Flyer Investments and Davis Center for Portfolio Management

University of Dayton expects record number of students
WHIO-TV, WDTN-TV, ABC22/Fox45 and Dayton Daily News

Data breeches causing "fatigue," but consumers should be vigilant
Dayton Daily News
Tom Skill, chief information officer

Dayton shooter's band sang about sexual violence, murdering women
Dayton Daily News
Heather MacLachlan, music

Dayton Daily, WHIO sue to get school records of mass shooter
Dayton Daily News
Charlie Russo, School of Law and School of Education and Health Sciences

Daytonians of the Week: 100 who have helped after tornadoes, shooting
Dayton Daily News and
Art Jipson, sociology


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