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UD in the news July 12-19

Faculty shared their research and expertise with The Conversation,, CTV in Canada, Al Jazeera English, Childhood Obesity News and Women's Agenda. Spectrum News in Ohio, central Florida and North Carolina featured an invention by engineering student Spencer Janning that's making life easier for a child with cerebral palsy.

A blog covering television, movies and video games cited political scientist Michelle Pautz's research about how a film can affect an audience.

The Miami Valley Communications Council produced a program about the Hanley Sustainability Institute and sustainability at the University for its public access channels in the Dayton region.

How the Volkswagen Beetle Sparked America's Art Car Movement
The Conversation
John Heitmann, history

The Campaign to Rename Oakland Airport after a Trailblazing Female Pilot
Janet Bednarek, history

Fake Twitter Accounts Push Hashtag #TrudeauMustGo
CTV (Canada)
David Salisbury, Center for Cybersecurity and Data Intelligence

One of World's Most Popular Apps Could Be Investigated Because of Privacy Concerns
Al Jazeera English
David Salisbury, Center for Cybersecurity and Data Intelligence

The Snackification of America
Childhood Obesity News
Diana Cuy Castellano, dietetics and nutrition

How to Get away with Rape
(Article cites Jamie Small's Conversation piece "Does a man’s social class have anything to do with the likelihood he’ll commit sexual assault?")
Women's Agenda (Australia)
Jamie Small, sociology

University of Dayton Student Creates Medical Device to Help Girl Battle Cerebral Palsy
Spectrum News (Ohio, Central Florida and North Carolina)
Spencer Janning, student

Maryland Banned School from Voucher Program over Anti-LGBT Views. It Says That Violates Religious Freedom
The Baltimore Sun
Charles Russo, School of Law

Why Can Movies Easily Change Our Minds?
Michelle Pautz, political science

University of Dayton Sustainability Project
Miami Valley Communications Council
Paul Benson, provost
Ben McCall, Hanley Sustainability Institute
Leah Ceperley, Hanley Sustainability Institute
Rebecca Potter, sustainability program
Steve Kendig, facilities management
Caitlin Marshall, 2019 graduate
Shannon Stanforth, student

FBI Investigates Stash of Air Force Papers
Dayton Daily News
Thaddeus Hoffmeister, School of Law 

University of Dayton to Renovate Campus Building
WDTN-TV and Dayton Business Journal

Could You Be Giving FaceApp the Ability to Invade Your Privacy?
Dave Salisbury, Center for Cybersecurity and Data Intelligence

Photo credit: A ‘back-to-back’ Beetle rolls along the road at the 2006 Houston Art Car Parade. D.L./flickr, CC BY-SA


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