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UD in the News April 26-May 3

The Conversation published a piece by Miranda Hallett and Theo Majka in the department of sociology, anthropology and social work about "The Benefits That Places Like Dayton, Ohio, Reap by Welcoming Immigrants." The Associated Press, Chicago Tribune and International Business Times also picked up the piece. Law professor Thaddeus Hoffmeister was a guest of Al Jazeera English to discuss U.S. Attorney General William Barr's testimony to Congress.

Constitutional law expert Erica Goldberg spoke to ABA Journal about a First Amendment issue between Oberlin College and a bakery. Janet Bednarek talked to international radio broadcaster Monocle to discuss the golden age of aviation.

Education Technology Insights is running Chief Information Officer Tom Skill's analysis of "The Coming Generation-Z Impact on Cybersecurity." First Bell, the daily newsletter of the American Society for Engineering Education, included an article that prominently features the expertise of Kelly Kissock, director of the Industrial Assessment Center.

Locally, the Dayton Daily News and WDTN-TV covered the Curran Place dedication, and all local outlets covered news of a $46.8 million Air Force contract. The Dayton Daily News sought the expertise of political scientist Christopher Devine about pay raises for city officials.

A sample of the news coverage from the past week is below, and you can click here to view links to all of the University's media coverage.

The Benefits That Places Like Dayton, Ohio, Reap by Welcoming Immigrants
The Conversation (also picked up the The Associated Press, Chicago Tribune and International Business Times)
Theo Majka, sociology
Miranda Hallett, anthropology

War of Words During Barr Testimony
Al Jazeera English
Thaddeus Hoffmeister, School of Law

Trial between Oberlin College and Local Bakery Tackles First Amendment Questions
ABA Journal
Erica Goldberg, School of Law

Engineers Share Zero-Emissions Building Plans At Ohio Conference
ASEE First Bell
Kelly Kissock, Industrial Assessment Center

In-Flight Fashion, The Golden Age of Aviation
(Bednarek's part starts at the 12:00 mark)
Janet Bednarek, history

The Coming Generation-Z Impact on Cybersecurity
Education Technology Insights
Tom Skill, CIO

University of Dayton Dedicates Curran Place
Dayton Daily News, WDTN-TV and ABC22/Fox45

UDRI Wins Research Contract
WHIO-TV, WDTN-TV, ABC22/Fox45, Dayton Daily News, Dayton Business Journal

Area Cities Address Pay Raises for Council and Mayor
Dayton Daily News
Christopher Devine, political science


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