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UD in the News March 8-15

Four faculty published three pieces in The Conversation highlighting research and expertise on pregnancy discrimination, St. Patrick's Day and fake charities. Athletic Business published a piece by sports management expert Peter Titlebaum about Dayton's role in March Madness. Rob Durkle, dean of admission and financial aid, explained how to figure out college costs to CollegeXpress.

ECADF Ethiopian News & Views published philosophy professor Messay Kebede's editorial on ethnic politics in Ethiopia and Catholic Philly tapped Fr. Johann Roten's expertise on Mary, mother of Jesus.

In Ohio, The Columbus Dispatch and Hannah News Service ran on op-ed by former Ohio governor and UD distinguished research associate Bob Taft about pausing Ohio's death penalty. Political scientist Nancy Miller offered her thoughts to Spectrum News on how a gerrymandering case could affect Ohio's Congressional map.

Locally, media talked to faculty experts about police pursuits and recent store closings.

A sample of the news coverage from the second week of March is below, and you can click here to view links to all of the University's media coverage during that period.

Pregnant Women Shouldn't Have to Choose between a Job and a Healthy Baby
The Conversation
Jeannette Cox, School of Law

The Truth About Saint Patrick's Day
The Conversation
James Farrelly, English

Why a College Admissions Racket Would Funnel Bribes through a Fake Charity
The Conversation
Sarah Webber, accounting 
Deborah Archambeault, accounting

Dayton Still Holds Court with the NCAA Tournament
Athletic Business
Peter Titlebaum, sports management

How to Figure Out Your College Costs
Robert Durkle, admission and financial aid

Addis Ababa: Drawing a Line in the Sand of Ethnic Politics
ECADF Ethiopian News & Views
Messay Kebede, philosophy

Mary Visits Local Homes, Thanks to 'Travel Agent' Parishioners
Catholic Philly
Fr. Johann Roten, Marian Library

Lawsuit Could Force Change To Ohio's Congressional Map
Spectrum News
Nancy Miller, political science

Column: Pause Ohio's Death Penalty to Make It More Humane, Fair
The Columbus Dispatch
Bob Taft, distinguished research associate

Former Governors Sound Off on Executions, Environment
Hannah News Service
Bob Taft, distinguished research associate

'Retail Apocalypse:' What You Need to Know about Store Closings
Dayton Daily News
Riley Dugan, marketing

Deadly Police Chases: Lawmaker Wants New Penalties, Rules
Tom Hagel, School of Law
Dayton Daily News 


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