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Career Services Survey Shows 97 Percent Success Rate

Ninety-seven percent of recent University of Dayton grads responding to the career services office's Flyer First Destination Survey report being employed, pursuing a graduate degree or participating in a service program within six months of graduation.

It's a remarkable track record of success, with at least a 95 percent success rate for the last seven years of the survey.

"This is a testament to our students' hard work and achievement that result in good jobs after graduation," said Jason Eckert, director of career services. "It also reflects the value of a University of Dayton education, which provides our students the resources, hands-on work experiences and research opportunities that set them up for this success."

Want to be a teacher, work in the medical field or go into business? Good news. School of Education and Health Sciences and School of Business Administration graduates responding to the survey report a 98 percent success rate. College of Arts and Sciences graduates report 97 percent. Engineering majors report 95 percent.

Ninety-seven percent of all respondents report they hold full-time jobs and 96 percent of them are working in their chosen field or in a job that's a first step toward a position in their field.

Top employers of University of Dayton graduates include Crown Equipment, EY, the United States Air Force, Honda Motor Company and General Electric Co. The Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University and Loyola University Chicago are among the top graduate schools for University of Dayton students.

Nearly half of the graduates find employment in Ohio while the other half find opportunities in at least 35 states and 24 countries.

"Our grads are not only landing jobs, but also landing competitive starting salaries that accelerate their earnings and career progression, as illustrated by a recent PayScale survey," Eckert said.

That PayScale survey indicates graduates with a bachelor's degree from the University of Dayton earn an average yearly salary of $56,100 early in their careers and $104,500 mid-way through their careers.

"This is great news. University of Dayton graduates have worked hard to earn their degrees and are starting their careers on solid footing, which further underscores the tremendous value of a UD degree," said Jason Reinoehl, vice president of strategic enrollment management.

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