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University Announces Change in Relationship to Dayton to Daytona Trip

University officials informed students on July 10 that the University will no longer provide logistical or staff support to the annual Dayton to Daytona spring trip. The decision is supported by University of Dayton board of trustees, UD alumni association board leadership, and U.S. leadership of the Society of Mary. Students may continue to independently arrange a post-graduation or other trip. 

Below is the email sent to students informing them of the change. Here are links to letters of support from the Board of Trustees, Alumni Association board leadership and Marianist leaders

Dear Students,

Warmest regards from campus! We hope you have been enjoying the summer and are looking forward to the new academic year.

We realize those of you who are upper-class students might be planning to participate in a recreational trip to Daytona Beach, Florida, shortly after the school year ends. We recognize that the Dayton to Daytona trip has been a long-standing tradition for UD students. However, due to a number of risk factors, the University is changing its relationship to the trip. For this reason, the University will no longer provide logistical or staff support.

This does not, however, prevent you from independently arranging a post-graduation or other travel experiences with your friends. The current tour company may continue to offer a similar excursion and students may join this trip independently.

We made this decision after carefully studying the recent history of the trip and the benefits and risks of the University’s continued support. Based on this assessment, we have concluded that the risks are just too great to continue the University’s involvement. The Board of Trustees, UD alumni association board leadership, and the Marianists have also expressed their support for this decision. (link to webpage).

In our discussions on campus this past year, we heard from many of you that the trip is enjoyed as an extension of the student neighborhood experience. However, as we evaluated all factors of the Dayton to Daytona experience, we concluded:  

  • ● The trip does not advance the University's Catholic, Marianist educational mission.
    ● Dayton to Daytona activities pose inherent safety risks and could have a negative impact on the value of your UD degree and our University's reputation.
    ● The resources devoted to the trip could be used to support programs, initiatives, and services regarded as fundamental to a student's learning and living environment and future career.

We recognize that many alumni have fond memories of Dayton to Daytona, and we do want to preserve the senior recognition element of the trip. Therefore, we have asked SGA leadership to work with Alumni Relations and Student Development to create a meaningful on-campus experience, such as a senior send-off, that can become a new tradition over time. We also recognize that not every graduating senior wishes to or is able to participate in Dayton to Daytona, and it is our hope that a new on-campus tradition can be more inclusive and reflective of the entire UD student experience and the Marianist charism.

We are writing now, during the summer break, to share this decision so that you can begin your spring break or post-graduation planning. We hope your summer break provides you with the best possible experience, whether that’s learning, traveling, working, or relaxing. We look forward to welcoming you back on campus in the fall.  


Eric F. Spina

William M. Fischer
Vice President for Student Development


News and Communications Staff