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UD in the News Oct. 26-Nov. 2

CTV in Canada, The Daily Beast, MedicalXpress and WalletHub are among the international and national media tapping University of Dayton faculty expertise to discuss the issues of the day. In Ohio, The Columbus Dispatch published assistant law professor Erica Goldberg's op-ed about restoring legitimacy to the U.S. Supreme Court and media outlets statewide continued to turn to Christopher Devine to talk about the midterm elections.

Local media featured the University's veterans services office and consulted faculty experts about mental health, birthright citizenship and prosecuting suspected terrorists.

A sample of the news coverage during the last week is below, and you can click here to view links to all of the University's media coverage during October and November.

Caravan Traveling to U.S. from Central America
CTV (Canada)
Miranda Hallett, sociology

How Bigots Easily Exploit the Bible for Anti-Semitism
Daily Beast
Meghan Henning, religious studies

Column: We Must Restore Legitimacy to U.S. Supreme Court
The Columbus Dispatch
Erica Goldberg, School of Law

Ask the Expert: Rewards Credit Cards
Riley Dugan, marketing

Gender and Schizophrenia
Julie Walsh-Messinger, psychology

Candidates Pump up the Base, as Harsh Rhetoric Rules Ohio's Midterms
The (Toledo) Blade
Christopher Devine, political science

Ohio Governor's Race: 2006-Style Blue Wave or 2016-Esque GOP Smackdown?
Cincinnati Enquirer
Christopher Devine, political science

Ohio Governor Candidates Offer Jobs Plans and Skills Gap Fix
Dayton Daily News
Christopher Devine, political science

New Study Shows Young People Are Feeling More Alone Than Ever
Becky Cook, counseling center

University of Dayton Helping Student Veterans Succeed
Racqueal Gamble, Flyer Student Services
Travis Pheanis, student
Brennan Mai, student

Trump's Birthright Citizen Proposal Likely to Face Constitutional Challenges
Shelley Inglis, Human Rights Center

Dayton-Area Suspect Accused in ISIS-Related Charges
Dayton Daily News
Thaddeus Hoffmeister, School of Law


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