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On The Academic Minute

University of Dayton Professor of Management Christian Kiewitz shares his research on defensive silence on the popular radio program The Academic Minute.

ChristianKiewitz is the latest University of Dayton faculty member featured on the show — a platform for professors from top universities across the country to share “groundbreaking research and how that research helps us understand and solve the big problems that matter to us all.”

He explores the vicious cycle that occurs when employees don’t speak up about abusive bosses.

“There’s a clear relationship between abuse by supervisors and fear and silence by subordinates. We see examples in corporate business, in schools and even — dangerously — in health care,” he explains.

“Using surveys of employees, we found that fear played a role in defensive silence but anger did not. We also found workers who reacted with fear-based silence were more likely to say they experienced abusive supervision a year later — indicating that vicious cycle,” he says.

Listen to Christian Kiewitz on The Academic Minute.

Produced by WAMC/Northeast Public Radio, The Academic Minute airs in nearly 70 markets across the country. Inside Higher Ed, a leading website on higher education news, also shares the program daily.

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