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National Attention

The Chronicle of Higher Education, a leading national news publication, highlighted the positive results of the University of Dayton?s fixed net-price tuition in an in-depth article that challenges more institutions to consider pricing transparency.

"How One University Makes Transparent Pricing Work" appears in the newspaper’s Idea Lab, which calls attention to colleges solving problems.

The article explores the University’s tuition guarantee through interviews with a parent, a University administrator, a national financial aid expert and others.

“It seems to be working out well for Dayton so far, too,” it says of pricing transparency. “This spring, the class of 2017 set a university record with its four-year graduation rate. The graduates’ average debt burden was lower, too. How did the University of Dayton pull this off? And why haven’t more colleges followed suit?”

Read more about the outcomes for the class of 2017 — including a $6 million reduction to their cumulative student loan debt — in the related links.


News and Communications Staff