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Solutions for Common Good

A new interactive website illustrates the full force of the University of Dayton?s standing as a major national research university.

Momentum, the new website, highlights a wide range of research, scholarship and creative excellence by faculty, staff and students from across the University and in the Research Institute. Collectively, their work will help the University break a record this year with annual sponsored research expected to total nearly $130 million.

The University of Dayton ranks No. 1 among all universities in Ohio and all  Catholic universities nationally for sponsored engineering research and development. It's  second in the nation in federally sponsored materials research and development; and ranks ninth in the nation for sponsored research among private research universities without medical schools.

Momentum includes 12 stories that illustrate the wide range of research being conducted at the University including:

-- the Engineering Wellness through Biomechanics Lab, which brings engineering researchers together with faculty from the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program to develop ways to help people move and live better;

-- investigating how DNA creates diversity through a $839,000 grant from the National Science Foundation;

-- putting sustainability research to work on an East Dayton community garden;

-- studying the eyes of fruit flies for keys to Alzheimer's disease;

-- giving NASA an assist in determining a landing site for the Mars rover;

-- building a school and developing curricula for a high school in Malawi to improve life for the people of Sangilo Village;

 -- breaking new ground with R&D engineers at Emerson's Helix Innovation Center and the GE Aviation EPISCenter on energy efficiency and advanced electrical power technologies.

In a recent blog post, President Eric F. Spina writes about discovering the University's research prowess: Research for the Common Good.


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