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Highlighting Success

Mark Kantrowitz, a leading national expert on student financial aid, highlighted the positive results of the University of Dayton’s fixed net-price tuition plan in an article on, a respected college decision advice website.

The tuition plan helped students in the class of 2017 graduate on time and borrow less in student loans. The class  — the first to enroll under the plan — posted an 8 percentage point increase in the graduation rate and reduced its cumulative student loan debt by nearly $6 million as compared to the previous year.

“The transparency of the net price lock has been popular with families because it provides them with peace of mind," Kantrowitz wrote. "They are able to make an informed, four-year financial commitment for their child’s college education. They pay the same net price during the senior year as they pay during the freshman year.”

You can read Kantrowitz's full story and more about the success of the University's net-price tuition plans through the related links.


News and Communications Staff