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The Great Rebate

The Dayton Power and Light Company has awarded the University of Dayton energy efficiency rebates totaling $500,000 for projects on campus that are improving the environment. With support from DP&L, the University implemented many energy-efficient initiatives during the last decade to accumulate the rebates.

"With the new and more efficient lighting on its campus, the University of Dayton will be saving 6.8 million kWh per year and more than $400,000 annually. Their lighting retrofits will not only save the University energy and money, but they will provide students and staff high quality, efficient lighting, which offers the additional benefits of employee satisfaction and productivity, as well as improved student performance," said DP&L President and CEO Tom Raga. "DP&L is proud to award a rebate check to the University of Dayton recognizing their focus on advanced energy efficiency solutions will save energy and keep costs down." 

The rebates have been seeding the University's Green Revolving Fund, which started in 2016 to support energy-saving improvements on campus, sustainability-related research and hands-on learning opportunities for students. Green Revolving Fund projects subsidized with DP&L rebates include upgrading air handlers in three buildings on campus and replacing high-energy lighting with low-energy LED lighting in five buildings. 

Savings and additional rebates from those projects are re-invested in the Green Revolving Fund to continue to fund even more sustainability initiatives on campus. 

In addition to Green Revolving Fund initiatives, the University of Dayton has installed of 15kW solar on five student residences and is benefitting from two electric car charging stations conveniently located on campus. Also, all renovated and new buildings on campus must strive for at least Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design silver certification or an equivalent status. 

"Since 2009, we have made a concerted effort to become a greener, more sustainable campus," University of Dayton President Eric F. Spina said. "Countless people have contributed to this effort — facilities management, our renewable and clean energy graduate program, finance and administration, students who channel their entrepreneurial spirit to find the next idea to help the environment, and those on campus who make conscious efforts to turn off lights and adjust their thermostats. Every effort counts." 

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News and Communications Staff