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A Gift from the Heart

At the end of the semester with final exams coming on fast, University of Dayton students put down the books long enough to support the final blood drive of the academic year on April 19 at the RecPlex.

Sponsored by the Alpha Epsilon Delta pre-health professional fraternity, the drive drew 74 donors, including 21 first-time donors and 60 donations, to exceed the collection goal by 3 percent.

It was also an opportunity for the Community Blood Center to award its Platinum LifeSaving Ambassadors Club — its highest award for blood drive excellence — to the University for its 2016 programs.

In 2016 the University sponsored eight blood drives resulting in 651 donors, 273 first-time donors and 505 donations to exceed the collection goal by 8 percent, for 108 percent of the collection goal.

Donna Teuscher, CBC account executive, presented the award for 2016 to Campus Recreation Director Melissa Longino, and Associate Director Dave Ostrander.

"We'll put this on the wall with the other awards so the students can see it," Longino said. "You hold the blood drive in there and the students are so great about donating at the drives. They can see the impact they've made and the history of that impact."


News and Communications Staff