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On The Academic Minute

University of Dayton faculty continue to share their expertise on the popular radio program The Academic Minute.

DaviesThe latest feature comes from Susan Davies, associate professor of school psychology and author of Managing Concussions in Schools: A Guide to Recognition, Response, and Leadership, on the topic of concussions in the classroom.

“We’ve all heard about football players who have sustained concussions,” Davies says in her Academic Minute. “However, it’s not just our athletes who are at risk — children of all ages have high incidence rates of concussions through recreational activities, falls, accidents and abuse.

“While injured athletes often receive treatment in a sports concussion clinic and may be monitored by an athletic trainer, many students receive little guidance on how to safely resume physical and cognitive activity,” she says.

Listen to Susan Davies’ Academic Minute here.

The Academic Minute is a platform for professors from top universities across the country to share “groundbreaking research and how that research helps us understand and solve the big problems that matter to us all.”

Produced by WAMC/Northeast Public Radio, it airs in nearly 70 markets across the country. Inside Higher Ed, a leading website on higher education news, also shares the program daily.

Assistant sociology professor Ruth Thompson-Miller, an author of Jim Crow’s Legacy: The Lasting Impact of Segregation, was featured on the program to explain the lasting effects of Jim Crow laws. Listen here.

Robert Brecha, professor in the renewable and clean energy program, also went on to discuss why low-energy living doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Listen here.

Kimberly Bigelow, associate professor in mechanical and aerospace engineering, has also recorded an Academic Minute on research in her lab. A date for airing has not yet been set.


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