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Safe Landing

Ninety-six percent of recent University of Dayton grads responding to the career services office's Flyer First Destination Survey report being employed, pursuing a graduate degree or participating in a service program within six months of graduation.

It's a remarkable track record of success, with a least a 95 percent success rate for each of the five years of the survey. 

"This is a testament to our students' hard work and achievement that result in good jobs after graduation," said Jason Eckert, director of career services. "It also reflects the value of a University of Dayton education, which provides our students the resources, hands-on work experiences and research opportunities that set them up for this success."

Want to be a teacher or work in the medical field? Good news. School of Education and Health Sciences graduates responding to the survey report a 99 percent success rate.

Business majors report 96 percent. And the School of Engineering and College of Arts Sciences report 95 percent success rates.

Ninety-five percent of all respondents report they hold full-time jobs and 95 percent of them are working in their fields or a position that's a first step toward a position in their field.

Some of the nation's and region's top employers are recruiting UD grads — Apple, IBM, General Electric Co., the Cleveland Clinic, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and Google, to name a few. Nearly half of the graduates find employment in Ohio while the other half found many opportunities in 42 states and abroad.

"Our grads are not only landing jobs, but landing high starting salaries that accelerate their earning clocks, according to a recent PayScale survey," Eckert said.

That PayScale survey indicates graduates with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Dayton earn an average yearly salary of $52,700 early in their careers and $90,200 mid-way through their careers.

"This is great news. University of Dayton graduates are starting their careers on solid footing, which also allows them to quickly chip away at any student loans," said Jason Reinoehl, vice president of strategic enrollment management. "We know students and their families are looking closely at student loan debt and graduate success, and we are proud our graduates' record of success demonstrate the value of a University of Dayton degree."

Success in landing good-paying jobs also translates into a better ability to pay off student loans. The recent Student Loan Report, shows that 97.85 percent of UD graduates who borrowed were making payments, with only 2.15 percent in default. That's well below the national default average of 11.3 percent for all schools and the 6.5 percent average for private four-year institutions. The University ranks in the top 10 percent of the nation’s 4,544 colleges and universities, as well as Ohio's 212 schools surveyed.

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