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Justice for All

University of Dayton Human Rights Center Executive Director and human rights lawyer Camilo P?rez-Bustillo says U.S. President Donald Trump's executive orders on immigration and refugees intensifies and encourages xenophobia, racism and intolerance, and are reminiscent of some of the "darker moments" in American history.

"These measures represent a dangerous retreat by the U.S. from the rules of international law and human rights standards," Pérez-Bustillo said. "They also are reminiscent of some of the worst moments in US history when national security concerns were used to perpetuate discriminatory policies, hate and intolerance."

Examples Pérez-Bustillo cites include Korematsu vs. U.S., which upheld Japanese internment policies during World War II, the Chinese Exclusion Act, mass deportations of people of Mexican origin in the 1930s and 1950s, and the Muslim registry, torture at Guantanamo and "black sites" post-9/11.


News and Communications Staff