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Flyer Pitch

A University of Dayton senior with an idea to help high school and college students on their paths to careers won first place in the Flyer Pitch elevator pitch round.

Logan Wacker, an entrepreneurship major, won $1,500 for Career Lead, a web platform for students to help guide their academic choices based on their career interests. 

Formerly called the University of Dayton Business Plan Competition, Flyer Pitch awards $150,000 in cash prizes and $150,000 of in-kind support over six rounds. Rounds are held on campus and in China and Vietnam. The competition is among the largest at the collegiate level. More than 200 teams are expected to compete this year.

The next round in Dayton will be the cameo round, which gives teams five minutes and five slides to present their ideas, in Dayton Nov. 19.

Other top prizes from the elevator pitch round, which was held Oct. 29, include:

Second place and $1,000: Junior Allyson Ayoob for VibaRun, a sensing and control system for the visually impaired to guide them while running/training on a track. Designed for Paralympic athletes, VibaRun will advance to the cameo round.

Third place and $500: Alumnus Aaron Pugh for Minoogle, a web platform to help drive business to minority businesses.

Fourth place and $500: Junior Kaitlyn Roberts for Powersage, a power monitoring system for multi-family residential apartment buildings. Powersage will advance to the cameo round.

Fifth place and $250. Sophomore Danielle Ruffolo for Handy Hats, a patent-pending hat with a sewn-in pouch to allow customers to carry cash, a credit card, ID, etc.

Additional teams moving to the cameo round include:

* STAR, winner of the $2,500 green technology prize, a refrigerator designed to store medicine and vaccines for longer durations in remote areas without reliable power grids.

* Solex, winner of the $2,500 social enterprise prize, delivers electricity quickly and cheaply to any region in need, including those struck by disaster.

* Vonos, winner of the $2,500 tech transfer prize, a noise-cancelling technology developed by the United States Air Force Research Lab.

* Loops for Life, shoelaces sold in a variety of colors to support causes such as breast cancer research.

* Neet Seat, a patent-pending pouch that can be attached to stadium and arena seats to hold coats and other items.

* Code-E, a patent-pending drone delivery system designed to bring emergency supplies and video support to accident victims before EMS units arrive.

* HITGRIP, designed by a former professional baseball player, a patented device to help control the swing of hitters in baseball, as well as golfers.

* Golden Walleye Tagged Fishing Tournament, a national tag and release fishing tournament to be held on Lake Erie attracting tens of thousands of participants.

More information on Flyer Pitch is available online.


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