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Briefly Speaking

Business leadership among upcoming University of Dayton events.


Professional Development Programs 

Oct. 5: "Advanced Project Management." This one-day class is a follow-up for participants in Project Management Essentials I & II. This class includes a two-hour exercise in which participants work in teams to make decisions and develop a project schedule for a very demanding client.

Oct. 5: "Managing Generations in the Workplace." For the first time in modern history, there are four generations working together. Participants will learn the impact that has on leading, recruiting, team building, motivation and improving performance and how to resolve common work place situations that are influenced by generational differences. 

Oct. 11: "Customer Service: Developing Customer Loyalty for Life." Participants will learn to handle difficult customer situations, complaints and criticisms; the effective interpersonal skills necessary to let customers know their thoughts and feelings are important to you; and how to build a climate of trust and cooperation in which people will want to do business with you and refer others to your business. 

Oct. 13: "Coaching and Evaluating Performance." This session is designed to enhance a leader's management skills and prepare them for the changing demands of today's workforce. Participants will discuss the shift from a directive or "telling" style to a coaching approach and introduce concepts and skills for staff development and critiques. 

Oct. 18: "Effective Decision Making." This seminar utilizes group exercise, movie clips, real-world examples and case studies to help participants analyze and improve decision-making skills. 

Oct. 20: "Going from Peer to Supervisor." This program will guide new supervisors through the transition from individual contributor to leader. Through small group exercises, group discussion and role playing, participants also will learn strategies, behaviors and critical interactions that lead to becoming an effective supervisor. 

Oct. 27: "Project Leadership." This program focuses on the practical skills, tools and techniques used to effectively lead all phases of a project — initiation, planning, execution and closing. Participants will work on a practical case study project in small groups to clarify the project's goal and objectives, identify deliverables, create a work breakdown structure and build a schedule. 

The cost for a professional development program is $395 for the general public, $345 for University of Dayton alumni, and $299 for center partners. For a complete schedule, list of speakers and session topics or to register, call 937-229-3115 or visit the related link. 

All sessions for every program run all day, unless otherwise noted, and will be on the University of Dayton River Campus at the 1700 South Patterson Building. 

Executive Development Programs

Oct. 6: "Inspiring and Challenging Your Way to Greater Performance." This session will help participants understand the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership and how they strengthen a leader’s capacity to sustain credibility; as well as innovative ways to change, grow and improve while experimenting and taking risks. 

Oct. 19: "The Plain Truth About Employee Engagement and Your Bottom Line." Participants will learn how to get employees committed to the mission of an organization, understand the bottom line connection between practices and profit, and discover how to motivate through reward and recognition. 

The cost for executive development programs is $995 for the general public, $945 for University of Dayton alumni and $897 for center partners. For a complete schedule, list of speakers and session topics, or to register, call 937-229-3115 or visit the related link.


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