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A Commitment to Diversity

University of Dayton President Eric F. Spina is among the university leaders nationwide who have signed the NCAA?s diversity and inclusion pledge rolled out this week, affirming a commitment to ethnic, racial and gender diversity in the hiring process for athletics.

"Universities are increasingly being called upon to change to meet the needs of a world shaped by globalization, rapid technological change, increased diversity and social transformation," Spina said. "We value diversity and inclusion, and that commitment includes our playing fields and courts as well as our classrooms."

In addition to diversity in the hiring process for athletics, the pledge calls for regular diversity, inclusion and equity reviews to help shape campus policy and diversity initiatives.

"This pledge is consistent with our longstanding values," said Neil Sullivan, University of Dayton vice president and director of athletics. "But we must continue to strengthen our commitment to inclusion and diversity in Flyer athletics and further ensure we hold these principles in mind throughout all of our search processes."

Lawrence Burnley, the University's first vice president for diversity and inclusion, and Patsy Bernal-Olson, the University's affirmative action officer, will assist Sullivan with fulfilling the pledge.

"Dr. Burnley is very accomplished in working with many constituents and will be a terrific partner with Neil and Patsy in helping the Dayton Flyers become more diverse and inclusive," Spina said. "But it's important to note ​the University as a whole is responsible for upholding this pledge, and as president, I am ultimately accountable."

The complete pledge is available by visiting the related link.


News and Communications Staff