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UD Sinclair Academy

The University of Dayton and Sinclair Community College today announced an innovative new collaboration to help increase accessibility of a University of Dayton degree for students who start their education at Sinclair.

The UD Sinclair Academy will put a University of Dayton education within reach for students who are academically eligible but who might not have previously considered the University for financial reasons. 

"The academy goes beyond a typical transfer program by providing a host of student benefits and engagement opportunities from the University of Dayton while they are at Sinclair," said University of Dayton President Daniel J. Curran. "As a result when they transfer from the two-year to the four-year environment in their junior year, they will be fully acclimated into our distinctive learning community."

Sinclair President Steve Johnson said: "Nearly 90 percent of our students stay in the area after they complete their education at Sinclair so a robust pathway towards the University of Dayton makes all the sense in the world. Our goal is for our students to succeed in their education and beyond, so acclimating them to the UD environment is logical and will pay off for these students, both institutions, and the community we all share."

The academy also plans to help remove financial barriers to a University of Dayton degree remaining after merit and need-based financial aid are applied to the cost of tuition. On top of institutional, federal, and state need-based grants, students can receive up to $15,000 in scholarships for their junior and senior years as well as up to $500 per semester in textbook scholarships. Academy students will have the benefit of the University's transparent tuition plan, which eliminates all university fees and will lock in tuition for their junior and senior years at the rate in effect at the time of admission to the academy.

The academy also includes a study abroad experience at the same cost as a semester on campus; students will be eligible for a $3,000 scholarship to help fund the experience, which includes the University's China Institute.

As incoming first-year students at Sinclair, academy students will have access to:

* A University student ID card and email

* More than 240 student clubs

* Recreation facilities including complimentary RecPlex membership

* Athletic events, including basketball games

* Development of a University of Dayton co-curricular transcript and online e-portfolio

* Peer mentoring through the Office of Multicultural Affairs

"Students often find the transition from a community college to a university campus can be difficult," said Paul Vanderburgh, an associate provost for the University. "They may experience a sort of culture shock and can feel they've missed the chance to really experience life as a University of Dayton student.

"The academy is designed to afford them a seamless academic transition and give them opportunities to be fully integrated into the life of the campus before their junior year."

Two academic advisors from the University are already working from the Sinclair campus. They will guide academy students through their first two years so the credits they earn will transfer into a degree program, as well as connect them with academic support services to ensure their success. University of Dayton and Sinclair staff plan to visit high schools and community-based organizations to educate about the benefits of the new academy.  

"This program will open doors to Sinclair students well beyond just simply continuing their college career — though that is extremely valuable,” said Sinclair Provost Dave Collins. "It also acclimates them to the University experience and makes the full resources of both Sinclair and UD available to them. We are extremely excited about the potential of this partnership."

Initially, the academy will offer paths in 22 high-demand majors with excellent career prospects, including teacher education, business, engineering, criminal justice, sociology and mathematics.

"This collaboration will not only strengthen the University of Dayton and Sinclair, it will bolster the local economy by providing a more educated workforce," Curran said.

The UD Sinclair academy follows the University's long-standing commitment to the Dayton community and its tradition of community engagement, Vanderburgh said.

"The academy is an important way we can help students who otherwise might not consider the University and help support the local economy through a more educated workforce," Vanderburgh said.

"We're well-known as the University OF Dayton. The academy is another way we are the University FOR Dayton."


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