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What They're Saying

University of Dayton President Daniel J. Curran will step down as president in June 2016 after a 14-year tenure. From record enrollment to curricular innovations, the University of Dayton is on an upward path. Here's what others are saying about his presidency.

Steve Cobb ‘86, Chair of the University of Dayton’s Board of Trustees 

"If I used just one word to describe Dan, it would be 'transformational.' The higher education field and our prospective students and their families are indicating the University of Dayton is really a hot brand."

Carissa Krane, President of the Academic Senate 

"Through his leadership, the University continues to recruit and retain a world-class faculty dedicated to achieving excellence in scholarship, teaching and service. Dr. Curran has demonstrated a deep commitment to enriching the student experience and student success through his support of faculty efforts to intentionally integrate academic knowledge with experiential learning within and beyond the curriculum."

Father Martin Solma, S.M., Provincial for the Marianist Province of the United States 

"His respect and regard for the Marianist tradition and spirit at the University have been exemplary. For the Marianists, community is about building relationships, and Dan has done this very well. He has strengthened the University of Dayton as a regional and global leader in Catholic education. We’re very grateful for his leadership." 

Michael Galligan-Stierle, President and CEO of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities 

"When Dan took office, lay presidents were still in the minority in Catholic higher education. Through his example, he helped demonstrate that individuals who answer the calling to lead a Catholic college or university — religious or lay — bring with them unique gifts that equip them to lead and to celebrate the Catholic mission of the institution. And over the last 12 years, Dan has continued to exude that leadership."

Brother Raymond L. Fitz, S.M. '64, Past President of the University of Dayton 

"Dan and his leadership team have raised the University of Dayton to new levels of educational excellence and have extended in many creative ways the partnership of UD with the greater Dayton community. He has enriched the University's Marianist educational tradition of 'learn, lead and serve' through his support of the new Common Academic Program curriculum and his insistence that all facets of campus life must contribute to the education of our students. Dan's positioning of the University in China will be seen in the years ahead as a key strategic move for the University. I am very thankful for Dan's outstanding leadership of the University. He is a great role model for lay leadership at Catholic universities."

Sarah Dickson '15, President of the Student Government Association

"I was both shocked and surprised to hear the news, but I am happy for Dr. Dan. He has had an incredible tenure at UD and has improved the university as a whole in immeasurable ways. I will be sad to see him go, but wish him all the best in his future endeavors. I am proud to call him my president." 

Kevin Maloney ’69, President of the University of Dayton Alumni Association 

"Dr. Curran's legacy will be the way he expanded the footprint and built and renovated the facilities — including modernizing all the residence halls. The campus has changed dramatically. That was the universal comment from my classmates at my 45th class reunion last summer. They were remarkably surprised at all the changes — changes for the better."

Nan Whaley ’98, Mayor of the City of Dayton

"He has been a transformational leader for the city of Dayton. The work he's done to connect businesses with the University — particularly through the purchase of NCR's world headquarters as a home for the University's Research Institute — not only changed how the University looks at itself but how the city looks at itself when it's attracting new businesses. Dan is a great economic development guy who brought jobs to our region."

Jeff Hoagland ‘91, President and CEO of the Dayton Development Coalition

“What Dr. Curran has done for the University of Dayton and the Dayton region is simply remarkable. From an economic development standpoint, Dr. Curran took a bold and decisive risk when purchasing the former NCR property. When you see the GE EPISCENTER built and opened, and now Emerson’s new Helix facility being built, you realize he has completely changed the landscape in Dayton and in the region. Dan is a friend, mentor and true servant-leader, and his legacy will live forever in the region.”

Dan Foley, President of the Montgomery County Commission

“Dr. Curran’s leadership has strengthened the University of Dayton’s stellar reputation, not only locally, but nationally and globally, and we, as a region, are grateful for that. But, his efforts go far beyond those of higher education. He has been an invaluable partner to the Montgomery County Commissioners and community and business leaders throughout the Dayton region in our economic development efforts. Dr. Curran has worked very hard on the transformation of the city of Dayton’s southern quadrant. Through the acquisition of the former NCR headquarters property, and the addition of world-class R&D centers like Midmark, Emerson and GE Aviation’s $53 million research center on the University of Dayton’s campus, he has helped lead us toward a more diverse, vibrant economy. He has our respect and our thanks for a job well done.”

Dr. David R. Hopkins, President of Wright State University

"University presidents have unique and challenging jobs. President Curran and I have developed a friendship as colleagues that I have come to appreciate. I recognize the strong leadership it takes to grow a university in the 21st century, and I admire his contributions in growing this region and its quality of life, a mission we share. We have created positive partnerships together during our time that will continue to benefit the region and our students into the future."

Dr. Steven L. Johnson, President of Sinclair Community College

“Dan Curran has been an extraordinary leader at the University of Dayton and has been a tireless advocate for our community. Dan’s commitment to higher education and the ideals of the University of Dayton has been truly remarkable, and I’m proud of the strong partnership between our two institutions and proud to call him my friend.”

J.P. Nauseef '88, Chair of Local Organizing Committee for the First Four

"Dr. Curran’s leadership has been transformational for the University and for the Dayton community. His tenure as president coincided with many significant challenges for the Dayton area, and he stepped up and delivered exemplary servant-leadership in true Marianist fashion."


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