Tuesday July 9, 2013

Nonprofit Leadership

The University is launching a new program focused on leadership for nonprofits and community organizations. It will be open to the public and enrolled students alike.

The University of Dayton will launch a new program this fall focused on leadership for nonprofits and community organizations. It will be open to the public and enrolled students alike.

 The nonprofit and community leadership graduate certificate will address leadership and management in a liberal arts context, which is different than what's offered in most business schools, said program director Steve Neiheisel.

"Managing human and financial resources is considerably different in the nonprofit sector than in the for-profit sector," he said. "Our emphasis is on developing leaders for service to community, and educating them in the hard skills and best practices in the field today."

Although it's a graduate certificate program, it will be open to University of Dayton undergraduates as well as community members not enrolled in any academic degree program. Neiheisel said it is ideal for professionals at the beginning or middle of their careers who may not have the time or money to earn a full degree.

"The role and challenges of the nonprofit sector are changing," said Regina Estep, director of marketing and development for Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley. "Directors in the nonprofit community in health care and social services need leadership and business skills to create and maintain effective service delivery systems. The Dayton area will benefit as the new course will continue the University of Dayton's tradition and commitment to service in the community."

The 12-hour, four-course certificate program is offered through the master of public administration program in the political science department at a cost of about $560 per credit hour. It evolved out of a summer nonprofit leadership course Neiheisel taught at the University of Dayton the past few years.

"Educating leaders for the common good and service to society is at the core of our mission as a Catholic and Marianist university," said Neiheisel, who led the MPA program for 15 years at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, one of three Marianist universities in the U.S. along with the University of Dayton and Chaminade University in Honolulu.

Anyone interested in the certificate program should contact Neiheisel directly at sneiheisel1@udayton.edu. For more information on the program, visit the related link.

For more information, contact Meagan Pant, assistant director of news and communications, at 937-229-3256 or mpant1@udayton.edu.