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This Could Be Transformational

National, regional and local leaders react to the University's decision to purchase NCR Corporation's World Headquarters.


"The University of Dayton and its Research Institute is a national leader in applied research. The acquisition of the NCR property by UD will provide an opportunity to build upon the research and development taking place at UDRI, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and numerous other companies across the Miami Valley." - Congressman Michael R. Turner

"I'm impressed by the bold and proactive action you have taken. To my knowledge, no other university has done anything like this where it has bought the headquarters of a Fortune 500 company. Your university leadership has demonstrated one way that universities nationwide are active participants in economic development. I have no doubt that your investment will pay dividends to your community for years to come." - Steve Holland, President of University Economic Development Association

"It once more shows the leadership of the University of Dayton in its efforts to not only keep stable but improve the economy of Dayton by stepping up to the plate when it's most needed." - Evan Dobelle, Researcher and Author of "Savior of Our Cities: A Survey of Best College and University Civic Partnerships" and President of Westfield State College

"I've never heard of any instance of a university purchasing the headquarters of a Fortune 500 company. I presume the University of Dayton has similar opportunities (to what we have with the Pfizer property). With careful planning and collaborations, the University of Dayton also will have opportunities for success in the future. This could be transformational. It's going to employ people. It has the potential to attract companies that can work next to a university doing cutting-edge research. It just opens the door to tremendous opportunities and new jobs." - Lawrence Molnar, Associate Director for the University of Michigan Institute for Research on Labor, Employment and the Economy

(Editor's Note: Lawrence Molnar was part of the University of Michigan process for purchasing a 174-acre, 2-million-square-foot Pfizer, Inc., property last year. He also is president of the Educational Association of University Centers, an advocacy group that supports university-based economic development. He is the principal investigator for a federally funded program that assists communities in a six-state area, including Ohio, that helps meet the critical needs of areas dealing with plant closures. Molnar worked with Moraine, Ohio, in dealing with the closure of the General Motors facility.)

"The AFRL sees great opportunity for this expansion of the UDRI facilities to bring continued growth and technology development to the Dayton region. We currently have a strong relationship with UDRI and share many areas of technical interest. We see possibilities for further collaboration as UDRI expands their facilities and areas of expertise, and we are pleased that UDRI is continuing to be a strong leader in research and development." - Joe Sciabica, Executive Director of the Air Force Research Laboratory


"Even in the face of adversity, this great Ohio community never once allowed the challenges presented by NCR's departure to define them. The Dayton community pulled together to create a new opportunity that will enhance the education experience and breathe life back into a building that has been at the center of this region for generations." - Ted Strickland, Governor of Ohio

"Not only does this purchase save the University and the state critical resources, it promises to help accelerate the work of the University of Dayton Research Institute, a proven leader in transforming research into successful companies and good jobs. Such progress lays a strong foundation for the economic future of the region and the state of Ohio." - Eric D. Fingerhut, Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents

"Repurposing the former NCR facilities is a major step forward for improving the competitiveness and beauty of the Dayton region. Ohio, this region and the University of Dayton have a longstanding history of innovation, and this project will transform one of its historic buildings to benefit the entire Dayton community." - Lisa Patt-McDaniel, Director of the Ohio Department of Development

"This is great news for Dayton. At a time when prospects for productive reuse of the property seemed few, the University of Dayton has provided leadership toward returning jobs and new life into a formerly vibrant part of our community." - Jon Husted, Ohio State Senator


"The University of Dayton is once again demonstrating the leadership qualities that distinguish a true community partner. This is not only a major investment for UD; it is a major investment for the entire Dayton region. Already a key player in our region's re-emergence as a center of innovation and advanced technology, this expansion secures the University of Dayton's rightful status as one of the premiere research-and-development institutions in the country. The move will simultaneously elevate UD's reputation and attraction as a first-class university, enhance the region's economic landscape and enrich our overall quality of life." - Rhine McLin, Mayor of the City of Dayton

"I'm delighted that the University of Dayton has stepped up to the challenge of protecting and investing in such an important piece of Miami Valley real estate. All of us at Dayton History look forward to working closer with the University as a community partner and new neighbor to find fresh and ongoing opportunities that will benefit both of our organizations and the region." - Brady Kress, President and CEO of Dayton History

"Our community is fortunate to have a world-class partner like the University of Dayton. This is another fine example of their long-term commitment and vision to our area. " - Toni Kennedy, General Manager of the Dayton Marriott Hotel


"The entire University of Dayton community is delighted to secure this wonderful building and property as the western anchor of our campus. While we are saddened by the departure of NCR from Dayton, this transaction is another great example of the wonderful relationship that has existed between UD and the company for over a century. We'll miss NCR as our neighbor, but we intend to continue to honor the legacy of John Patterson with our plans to help foster innovative growth in Dayton, our region and all of Ohio." - Jack Proud '70 '04, chair of the University of Dayton's Board of Trustees

"Our alumni across the country and across the world make up the faces of the University of Dayton. This building makes a great statement. It demonstrates their importance to their alma mater." - Linda Berning '82 '87, University of Dayton Trustee and President of the University of Dayton National Alumni Association

"This is an unparalleled opportunity. This facility will provide space for world-class research in high-performance materials for aerospace, transportation and many commercial markets. It places our research activity in a very visible, recognizable facility and cements our commitment to the community and the region." - Mickey McCabe, Vice President of Research and Executive Director of the University of Dayton Research Institute

"This marks a turning point in the Institute's history. This building gives the University of Dayton Research Institute a physical identity that matches the reputation we've built. Bringing our researchers together under one roof will foster greater innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. This is vitally important for our competitive edge." - John Leland, Director of the University of Dayton Research Institute

"In the tradition of Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase, Seward and Alaska and Father Meyer and John Stuart's farm, the University has taken advantage of a historic opportunity to meet its expanding needs for classroom and research space in a way that advances its role as a steward in and of the Dayton community." - David Darrow, President of the Academic Senate, Director of the International Studies Program and Associate Professor of History

The University's decision to purchase the NCR property is another example of UD's commitment to its students and the city of Dayton. This acquisition will further enhance the academic opportunities that will be offered on the new West campus. Also, it shows the University's desire to increase its role in the Dayton community by taking on projects that promote the city's overall welfare. - John Jewell, President of the Student Government Association


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