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NBC Nightly News Covers Flyer Fund

The University of Dayton's student-managed portfolio drew national attention with a feature story on the high-flying fund that aired Saturday, Dec. 12, on the nation's most popular evening network newscast.

NBC Nightly News, the No. 1 evening news program in the nation, aired a story at 6:30 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 12, about the success of the University of Dayton's Flyer Investments Team, part of the Davis Center for Portfolio Management.

The story was taken from interviews taped by CNBC reporter Courtney Reagan, who visited campus in November and talked with students, University Trustee Richard Davis and David Sauer, director of the Davis Center.

Reagan's initial report aired Nov. 25 on CNBC, the national cable all-business channel.

Reagan reported on the outstanding performance of the student-managed Flyer Fund and the recent approval by the University's board of trustees' investment committee to add $2 million to the fund, bringing the total to $10.5 million.

"The student fund is doing much better than our outside managers consistently over the last 10-year period of time," Davis said in the report.

The student fund also has beaten the S&P 500 benchmark at the one-, three-, five- and 10-year marks and is one of the 15 largest investment funds managed by undergraduate students in the country.

Student Melissa Janicke said, "As first you feel a little nervous, but as it goes on you feel very proud that what you're doing is helping your University and helping the future of it."

Total viewership of the NBC Nightly News for the week of Nov. 30 was estimated at  9.5 million viewers, making it the top network evening newscast.

"It's really not everyday that 21-year-olds get a chance to manage nearly $11 million, unless you're a student at the University of Dayton's Davis Center for Portfolio Management," Reagan said in her report. "A select group of 15 undergrads here are charged with managing a real $10.6 million portion of the university's endowment. And they're pretty good at it."


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