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Cleaning Up for Development

The Clean Ohio Council has approved a $3 million state grant that will enable the University of Dayton to clean up approximately 26.5 acres of largely vacant former NCR Corp. land between Brown and Main streets.

This is the second Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund (CORF) grant the city of Dayton has received on behalf of UD to revitalize an urban brownfield for academic and mixed-use development. In December 2005, the city was awarded a $2.54 million grant to remediate 11 acres of riverfront land. Today's grant is another important step in the redevelopment of the largest developable piece of land in the city of Dayton.

"These grants are a catalyst for returning this land to productive economic use," said Daniel J. Curran, University of Dayton president. "The funds will allow the University of Dayton to build for its future as well as revitalize this area of the city. We are grateful to campus and community leaders who see the potential in this land and are working to bring its transformation to fruition."

The new grant applies to land east of Main Street, bounded by Stewart and Caldwell streets. UD officials say they will use the new state grant for soil cleanup and renovation of the 477,000-square-foot College Park Center at the corner of Stewart and Brown streets into a combination of facilities for research and development, commercial, University and secondary education purposes. They've dubbed the proposed project UD-REDI — the University of Dayton Research, Education and Development Initiative (UD-REDI).

Total development costs on all of the new land could exceed $200 million, according to UD officials. In the past five years, UD has completed $168 million in campus construction projects, some with private developers. UD officials plan to recover part of the land purchase price through some mixed-use development. UD bought the property from NCR for $25 million two years ago.

Burt Hill, an international design, architecture and engineering firm, is currently developing a master plan for all 259 acres of campus, including the new land. UD's board of trustees is expected to approve the master plan in October.

Today's $3 million grant is part of $41.1 million in Clean Ohio funds awarded to projects around the state. The Ohio Department of Development, through its Office of Urban Development, implements the Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund in consultation with the Ohio EPA.

For more information, contact Ted Bucaro, UD's director of government and regional relations, at 937-229-4158.


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