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Transfer Week

Refer a Friend

With free credit evaluations and multiple transfer scholarship opportunities, we’re committed to making the transfer process as smooth as possible.

Do you know someone at another college who might love UD just as much as you do? Let us know! 

Use the link below to refer a friend, and we’ll reach out to let them know about UD transfer admission and scholarship options that could be available to them. 

In honor of National Transfer Student Week, we’ll also give you two UD t-shirts (one for you and one for your friend) when you fill out the form, so you can share the UD love!

"At my old university, I was really trying to make myself fit into the campus culture. But when I came to UD, I didn’t have to try—it was just a good fit. And I finally understood why so many people have pride when they come here. If anything, I regret not coming to UD sooner."



Maria '19
“When I began my college search, I was looking for an affordable price and good community. Through the UD Sinclair Academy, I found both. Choosing Sinclair let me explore my academic options without having to move far from home or leave my job and friends. I never thought I’d be able to attend a highly rated college like UD, but once I talked to the right people, the registration and financial aid process at UD was smooth sailing.” 
Michael '20

“I toured a few colleges before visiting UD, but none felt right. UD stood out because of its friendly neighborhood atmosphere. I knew if I transferred here, I’d find my place.

When I decided to transfer it was important that I have some financial aid, but Dayton offers a transfer scholarship, merit scholarships, and the credits—they basically transferred over perfectly to where I don’t have to study an extra year. So financially, this was a really good choice too.” 

Oscar '20
“As a new  transfer student, I was able to conduct summer research, which was a great opportunity to make connections with faculty, staff and other students. Everyone I’ve met at UD has always been ready to help and support me, and my research experience was a key pathway to graduate studies.”