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Hey, Hey Faith Friends!

Faith Focus with Rev. Renita

Hey, Hey Faith Friends! 

This is your friend, Pastor Renita, Pastor of OURchurch, the interdenominational ministry on UD’s campus! We meet on Sundays at 4pm in the Marianist Chapel and Tuesdays 7pm in Liberty Hall.  

Sunday in OURchcurch we started a series called transitions. Our first message was about change.  

The scripture text we explored was Joshua 1:5-9—take a look at it when you get a chance.  

There are some great lessons we can learn from Joshua’s journey through change—Sunday, we heard about 3: God is trustworthy, God believes in us, Success is sure. Check back over the next couple days to hear about how God believes in you and the key to a successful journey.  

It is important to know that God is trustworthy.  

God promised Joshua that just as he was with Moses, 

God would be with Joshua too.  

When God was with Moses, God gave Moses and the people everything they needed to get to their destination. Their way was not easy. There were a lot of obstacles. The people kept acting out—like they didn’t even know God. But, God continuously made a way out of no way.  

When they had no idea where to go, there was a cloud and pillar of fire in the sky to guide them. When they needed food, it rained down from heaven. When they were caught between the soldiers and sea, God parted the sea. When they turned on God, God even made a way for their healing.  

Trusting God doesn’t mean that there will be easy answers—every miracle required the people to act—they had to follow, gather food, walk through the waters. And, there will be times that we will forget that we have been saved.  

Trusting God is believing that there is an answer, that God cares about us enough to make a way out of no way, that God is faithful enough to be with us when we are facing difficult times and that God will stick with us even if—or when—we act like a jerks after all the love God has shown.  


I will never leave you. I will never forsake you. 

Just as I was with Moses, I will be with you. 

That’s God’s promise. 


You are experiencing a lot of changes right now.

Know that God is with you. 

God has not and will not leave you. 

God will never drop you. 

Every problem has an answer

Every need has a supply

Every hurt can be healed

There is joy on the other side of every sorrow. 


God is trustworthy.

You can trust God.


Psalm 40:1-10

Whatever our life stage, we all go through seasons or situations that are distressing. Family, friends, finances and faith are at the top of the list of life’s distressing issues. As long as we are alive, we are going to go through something. Sometimes, the something we go through is of our own doing—the decisions we make (or don’t make),

Psalm 40 is David’s prayer of gratitude that God brought through his something—David was no stranger to being in something—most often of his own doing. One amazing thing about David is that when he came on the other side of his something he shared his story which gives us some help when we are in our something.

When we are in distress, our instinct is to get out as quickly and painlessly as possible. Some would even endure more pain if it meant coming out more quickly. David, however said that he waited patiently for the Lord (vs 1).

In Mexico, I went to a Mayan worship site—a dark, damp cave. Deeper into the cave there was a pool of mineral water and sediment from the cave was all around. It was said that in this cave, Mayans would encounter their understanding of God as a healer. Our guide told us that people come from across the world to sit in the healing waters. He said that we could rub the sediment on our skin to heal our skin conditions (sunburn was mine). At some point the guides turned off their flashlights and we sat in the healing waters in darkness. One by one people started to cry—including me. God was visible in the darkness.

David met God in the darkness of distress. It was in the mire of his situation that David found healing that led to deliverance.

There are times when our deliverance requires that we just sit with it—the darkness, the feelings, the silence, the unknown.

Wait patiently for the Lord. I’m not sure if David trusted God to be present in the darkness or if he found out that he could trust God to be present in the darkness. Either way, his testimony is our truth—“Blessed is the one who puts their trust in the Lord” (vs 4). 

We can trust God.

Eventually, David surrendered to God—“here I am”, he said (vs 7). Surrendering to God requires our willingness to go, do, be, become whatever God has designed. This surrender sometimes is our confessing that we messed up, sometimes our surrender is deciding to let go of animosity, sometimes it is agreeing to deal with trauma.

Surrendering is agreeing with God.

While I do not believe God takes us through struggle so that we can learn, grow closer, or whatever—I do believe that good can spring from evil and there is a good life on the other side of our something.

David encountered God while in distress and when the work of the Holy Spirit was complete, God lifted David out of the mire, set his feet on sure ground and put a new song in David’s heart (vs 2, 3). The pains of our past cannot compare to the plans that God has for our future.

If you are in a season or situation of distress, relax. God is with you. God is speaking to you, healing you, and preparing you for your next. When you come out, you will be on solid ground. As you stand, sing your song! Let all who are going through that God will deliver from distress (vs 9,10).


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