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Position Statement on Religious Organizations at UD

Position Statement on Religious/ Faith-Based Organizations at UD

Faith formation and reflective religious dialogue play important roles in the education and development of the whole person at the University of Dayton.   This commitment flows from values expressed in the University Mission Statement, a portion of which states:

  • Ultimately, a Catholic vision of the intellectual life is based upon the acceptance of the revelation of God in Jesus Christ as it has been received and handed on by the Church.  This challenge calls for integration of the human and the divine, reason and faith, and promotes true understanding through a person’s head and heart.  The university welcomes persons of all faiths and persuasions to participate in open and reflective dialogue concerning truth and the ultimate meaning of life. (UD Mission statement)

In the spirit of Catholic and Marianist higher education, UD values the presence and contributions of people of different faith traditions who “nonetheless share the fundamental commitments of the university” (Characteristics of Marianist Universities #21) and who are open to the exploration of mutual exchange and respectful dialogue.  All of this adds value to the educational process at UD and can serve to deepen the faith experiences of all who engage.

  • Our commitment to a community of learners challenges us to more than the simple recognition of our relationship to other faith traditions.  We are challenged to enter a dialogue marked by respect and trust.  We hold people of other religious traditions in high esteem, particularly those who work with us, and in doing so provide a model of relating beyond simple tolerance for the diverse communities in which we live and learn.  (Characteristics of Marianist Universities, #25)

As a primary agent in faith formation at UD, Campus Ministry’s responsibility is to foster and ensure that the climate for respectful dialogue and mutual exchange consistent with the university mission is operative in religious/faith-based programs at the university.


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