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Religious Organizations Funding Procedures and FAQs

Religious Organizations Funding Procedures and FAQs

Faith formation and reflective religious dialogue play an important role in the education and development of the whole person at the University of Dayton.  Religious/Faith-Based student organizations create a climate where respectful religious dialogue can occur and support many who seek to deepen their faith experience at UD. 

Campus Ministry provides modest financial support to these student organizations through funds from the Sunday Mass collection.   This funding is provided to support the mission of each organization through activities such as service activities, retreats, special projects, awareness events, and other programs for UD students.  Recognized faith-based student organizations have the privilege of being eligible for funding from Campus Ministry, when they are in good standing with the Office of Campus Ministry and adhere to responsibilities outlined in the policies and procedures for Religious/Faith-based student organizations.  These responsibilities include:

  1. Meet with the director of Campus Ministry or designee/committee to review the purpose and activities of the organization and discuss their contribution to the religious climate at UD before organizational status is approved and then annually.
  2. Obtain approval of fundraising plans, publicity and promotional activities from campus ministry advisor.
  3. Communicate regularly with campus ministry about the organization including notification of campus wide events and activities, meeting time/place and event dates/changes.
  4. Maintain positive relationships with UD Interdenominational Ministry and with other recognized religious/faith-based groups on campus avoiding competition and duplication.
  5. Follow student organization policies and guidelines as articulated by Office of Student Life and Kennedy Union.
  6. Submit required documents and financial information by the due dates.

Overview of Funding

At the beginning of the fall semester, all registered Faith-based/Religious organizations will receive $200.00 to support their organization functions.  Organizations will receive this after submitting their Estimated Budget by the fall deadline (if funds were disbursed the previous year,  a Year-End Financial Report is also required). Organizations must maintain their funds through the UD Bursar’s office in order to receive these funds.  The same form, Religious Organizations Financial Report Form, is used for these submissions.

Campus Ministry will not disburse these funds if organizations are not adhering to Faith-based/Religious student organization policies, do not complete required paperwork by the deadline, or are unable to show evidence of good stewardship of funds (through good record-keeping/planning as indicated by the required reports).

Timeline for funding

  1. October 15:  Deadline for Fall Estimated Budget Reports.  Groups must submit their budget estimate for the year by this deadline in order to receive funds ($200).  Funds will be deposited by October 30.
  2. May 31:  Deadline for End of Year Financial Report.  Groups must submit an end of year financial report by this deadline in order to receive Fall funds in the coming year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much is every recognized Religious/Faith based student organization given without applying for additional funds?

Every recognized Religious/Faith based student organization will be given $200.00 at the beginning of the fall semester (after estimated budget is turned in).

What is an estimated budget?

An estimated budget is completed before events occur in the semester or year.  It contains an ESTIMATE of all of the ways the organization intends to spend money over the course of the year.  Organizations must turn in an estimated yearly budget to the Director of Campus Ministry by October 15 in order to be eligible for fall funding.  

What is a financial report?

A financial report is completed after events occur and contains a list of ACTUAL income and expenses that have already occurred., year to date.  Organizations must submit a Year-End Financial Report by May 31 of each year to be eligible for funding the next year.

How do I estimate expenses?

Do the best you can.  Look at past budgets from your organization or talk to other organization presidents.   Feel free to also talk with your organization advisor and/or the director of Campus Ministry.  Exact estimates are not expected.

What is due at the end of the year?

All Faith-based/Religious organizations must update club and officer information through 1850 that includes officer transfer details, Year-end financial report, and summary of organization activities and other information that provides a realistic picture of impact the group had on UD campus life.   The deadline is May 31.   Officers will be reminded about the renewal process in the spring. 

How does my organization receive the funds?

All funds will be direct deposited into the organization’s bursar account.  If your organization does not have a Bursar account at UD, you need to work with your adviser to set one up.

Can my organization apply for additional funds?

Faith-based/Religious Organizations will soon be eligible to apply for additional funds through Campus Ministry.   Organizations are encouraged to seek additional funding through SGA, fundraising (approved by Campus Ministry) or other departments and entities on campus.


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