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Peer Discipleship Ministry

Peer Discipleship Ministry is an opportunity to grow in faith through daily prayer with scripture and through regular connection and meaningful 1:1 conversation with a peer. 



Peer Discipleship Ministers Reflect:

“The best thing about being a PDM is being able to grow in my faith through reading scripture and building a friendship.”  

“I am super grateful for this experience and the ability to be a part of the ministry. It is great to talk about God and his presence in our daily lives.”  

“Being a part of PDM has allowed me to strengthen my prayer life by keeping myself accountable for prayer, even though it is relatively flexible and informal. This regular prayer with Scripture has definitely enabled me to experience my faith in a personal way.  I have been able to place myself into these passages and reflections, and in doing so, I have been able to reflect on my own faith and ways I can become a better Christian. The most life-giving thing about being part of PDM was being able to interact and grow in friendship with others in a meaningful way through Scripture and prayer.” 


Journeyors Reflect: 

“My Peer Discipleship Minister was incredibly welcoming and made me feel comfortable! It was a great experience, and I appreciate his openness.”  

“This process has allowed me to begin my devotional life, which is something I've been wanting to do for a while now.” 

“It has helped me to remain in the word of God and reflect on my Catholic Faith. PDM is my favorite thing about Campus Ministry at UD.” 

Apply to Become a Peer Discipleship Minister

Questions? Contact Colleen Brown or Kelly Adamson


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