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Faith Vocation and Leadership House

Faith Vocation and Leadership House

housesheet.jpgLiving in a Faith, Vocation, and Leadership House (FVL) is an experience for students interested in exploring faith, vocation, and leadership with the support of a community. In the student neighborhood, there is an FVL Legacy House for 7 people on College Park, one for 5 people on Chambers Street and FVL Special Interest Houses with varying group sizes. Students interested in living in an FVL House must be committed to building and being an intentional Christian community in the Student Neighborhood with guidance and support from a staff member and mentors from Campus Ministry. 

Mission Statement

As members of the Faith, Vocation, and Leadership House, we seek to live intentionally in community through prayer, hospitality, and Christian leadership. Grounded in and formed by the Catholic and Marianist traditions, we strive to be an inviting community that challenges ourselves and the UD community to grow in faith, explores the concept of vocation, and lives in a way that embraces our gifts and talents in response to God’s call in our lives.

Expectations and Commitments for members of FVL House community

Students living in Faith, Vocation and Leadership (FVL) Student Communities commit to the following expectations:

  • Share meal(s) together each week (at least once per week)
  • Participate in shared prayer and/or quiet time (1-2 times per week)
  • Nurture relationships with those with whom you live in community (i.e. community nights, informal time together, etc.)
  • Host dinners and a guided discussion with others on the topic of faith, vocation and leadership (2-3 timers per semester)
  • Be a welcoming community that engages faith, vocation and leadership within the student neighborhood (i.e. engaging in relationships with neighbors and peers, participating in faith-based leadership roles on campus, serving as an advocate for the exploration of vocation, etc.)
  • Meet at least once a month with your mentors as a community
  • Attend Faith-Based House Retreats (one overnight in August and one day in January) and Formation Gatherings (twice a semester)
  • Fulfill the outreach goals developed during the August retreat
  • Individually (per person) collect at least 8 PATH points during the community year
  • Embody the University’s Commitment to Community vision and document, including following the rules and regulations in the University Student Code of Conduct concerning gatherings and/or parties and the use of alcohol

Please note: This is a commitment for one academic year, with an option for a second year

Expectations of Living in any Special Interest House

  • Get to know your Neighborhood Fellow and participate in his/her programs
  • Follow the rules and regulations in the University Student Handbook concerning gatherings and/or parties and the use of alcohol and encourage other students to do the same.

Current FVL Communities

  • 421 College Park
  • 114 Chambers
  • 218 Caldwell

How to Apply

Complete both parts of the application. The first part is a group application and the second is for each individual. Instructions are in the document. Applications are due December 3, 2023.

For More Information Contact:

University Chaplain

Read more

Campus Ministry

Liberty Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0408