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Liturgical Music for Your Wedding

Wedding Music: Important Considerations

The role of music within the wedding liturgy, as with all other liturgical celebrations, is to praise and glorify God through the liturgical ritual.  Specifically at a wedding liturgy, we are called to reflect upon God’s love for us reflected through the couple getting married. Therefore, of primary consideration when selecting hymns for your wedding and prelude is the liturgical significance of the ceremony and celebration of the sacrament of marriage.  We are delighted to assist in planning for these considerations!

Who is My Musician?

The University is affiliated with multiple professionally trained pastoral musicians, one of which will be available for your wedding.  The name of the musician and his/her contact information will be communicated to you after the date of the wedding has been determined.  The cost of this musician’s services is included within the Chapel Fee.

May I Employ Outside Musicians?

It is the policy of the University that only professionally trained musicians, approved by the Campus Minister for Pastoral and Liturgical Music, may be involved in making music for your wedding.  Compensation for any approved outside musicians are the responsibility of the couple.  Please contact Scott Paeplow with any questions or to begin the approval process.

Where Do I Start?

Again, we are delighted to assist with the planning of the liturgical music for your wedding day!  The following steps may be helpful in the planning process:


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