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Small Interfaith Communities

Small Interfaith Communities

The interfaith-focused Small Faith Communities follow a dialogue practice called "Scriptural Reasoning," which brings together Jews, Christians, and Muslims to discuss selected passages from their sacred scriptures around a shared theme. It is an opportunity to share your reflections on sacred text and learn from others while building community.

A new interfaith dialogue Journey group opens each semester, and groups can continue meeting as Madeleine groups. Participants commit to meeting 6 times each semester. If you're interested in joining a new Journey group, please contact Colleen Brown.

"Scriptural Reasoning” Journey Groups

Those who want to join an interfaith-focused small faith community for the first time can join the Journey group. This group is facilitated by the Campus Minister for Interfaith Engagement, who will guide participants through the Scriptural Reasoning dialogue model. For balance in the dialogue, the number of participants is limited to similar numbers from each religious tradition present.

Interfaith-focused Madeleine Groups

Interfaith-focused Madeleine groups started as Journey groups and decided to continue meeting together. They can continue on the Scriptural Reasoning dialogue model or branch out into other forms of dialogue if they see fit. The ultimate goal is to learn about the religious beliefs and practices of others, and in doing so to learn more about yourself.

Colleen Brown

Assistant Director of Residence Life Ministry

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