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Graduate Assistant Ministry Portfolio Overview


Campus Ministry Graduate Assistants engage in direct ministry to and with college students. Each GA has a unique ministerial portfolio that allows them to begin to gain both depth and breadth of ministerial skills through focus and rounding ministries. The focus ministry is an opportunity to concentrate experience and practice more deeply a particular aspect of ministry while the rounding ministry ensures broad exposure and practice of ministerial skills. This unique approach prepares graduates of our program to succeed in a variety of professional lay ecclesial ministry roles as well as faith-based and non-profit related jobs. 

Ministerial portfolios are determined based on each GA’s gifts, their goals for ministerial growth, as well as the ministry needs in a given year. There are opportunities for both focus and rounding ministries in the areas of liturgy, retreats, service and justice, vocation awareness and discernment, small group ministry, pastoral care, and ministry in the residential areas. Sample portfolios illustrating potential focus and rounding ministries for the upcoming hiring cycle are below.


Sample Ministerial Portfolios

Focus: Residence Life Ministry in Founders, Rounding: First Year Retreats

Focus: Residence Life Ministry in Marycrest, Rounding: First Year Retreats and Liturgy

Focus: Social Justice and Service, Rounding: Residence Life and Retreat Ministries

Focus: Vocational Discernment, Rounding: Residence Life Ministry Caldwell-Adele



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