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International Winter Breakouts

International Winter Breakouts 2021

Applications open August 15, 2020 on Studio Abroad (The Center for International Program's website) and are due September 18th.

Spend part of your winter break engaging with others in locations around the globe such as Belize, El Salvador or Mexico. These experiences strive for a greater sense of global solidarity and understanding in the hearts, minds, and actions of all participants. Students will grow individually and as a group in faith-sharing, reflection, service and learning.

These trips are big commitment of time, energy and resources, but the reward is priceless. Please talk over the commitment with your family before applying.

When you go to apply at Studio Abroad, click on “Search Programs” and choose "January Intercession" in the drop-down menu under "Term." Apply for your first choice. There will be a section to declare a second or third choice of trip.

Applications for International Winter BreakOuts are due September 18, 2020. Groups will be selected from the applicant pool after September 23rd.

Tijuana, Mexico


Date: TBD

Participants in this BreakOut will travel to Tijuana, Mexico, to work with the poor through the Tijuana Christian Mission. TCM began over 50 years ago when Martha Lopez started taking children into her home who had no food, little clothes, and no education. She fed them hot meals, found them shirts and pants, and enrolled them in the local school. As time passed, more and more children began living with Martha and her family. Today, over 80 children live at the Tijuana Christian Mission. The group from UD will spend the week with Martha, her staff and the children, and do work which they couldn't afford to do on their own. In past years, groups have built jungle gyms, roofed dormitories, built office space, laid ceramic tile, and led sports camps for the children. Please visit Tijuana Christian Mission’s website for more information:

Cost: $650 (program expenses, room and board). Airfare is approximately $700

Apply now:  Click on Search Programs and complete the application before September 18th.  

Belize City, Belize


Date: TBD

Students on this year’s Belize Winter BreakOut will be partnering with A Broader View and working in a children’s center just outside Belize City. During the mornings, the group will help with general upkeep and rehab of the center’s main building, mainly doing painting and gardening. In the afternoons, they will work one on one with the children at the children’s center, helping them with their homework and providing companionship and new relationships. This is great opportunity to reach out to children in Belize and share your life with them. Read a reflection from one of 2012's participants.  Please note that Belize is an English speaking country.

 Cost: $1000 (program expenses, room and board). Airfare is approximately $900.

Apply now:  Click on Search Programs and complete the application before September 18th.  

CRISPAZ- Christians for Peace in El Salvador

El Salvador BreakOut group 2014Date: TBD

The group will travel to San Salvador, El Salvador through CRISPAZ (Christians for Peace in El Salvador). The experience will include opportunities to meet Salvadorans, hear their stories, and accompany them for a short time in their daily lives. This experience is full of educational, experiential, and spiritual opportunities for growth. Truly an educational immersion experience, as participants have a chance to see first-hand sights of triumph and trial in El Salvador’s economic, spiritual, and political history and present. Check out the reflection by Riley Weber, who traveled with the group in January, 2014.

**Please note: In 2022 the  El Salvador BreakOut will be the required conclusion to ANT325, Anthropology of Human Rights.

Estimated Cost: $1000 (program expenses, room and board). Airfare is approximately $1200

PAYMENT Information for International Trips

Each student must pay the cost of the trip. 

There will be a $300 deposit due at time of acceptance and commitment to the program. 

As part of your International/ Puerto Rico Breakout/Immersion experience, you will be registered in an Experiential Learning Course (EXP). This is a non-credit bearing course which is the Breakout/Immersion experience itself. It will show up on your official transcript that you participated in this immersion experience as a measure of your further involvement and learning at the University of Dayton.

All final payments for the trip will be processed through your student account according to the billing cycles. If you receive a grant from the Center for Social Concern or another campus entity, that will show up as a credit on your account.

Deposits will be charge through Studio Abroad. 

A student who cancels after committing to the trip/flight purchases will be responsible for the cost ensued. Students will receive a flight voucher for canceled flights in their name.  

Groups or individuals are encouraged to fundraise to reduce the cost. 

The program cost of the trip covers ground transportation, lodging, and most food. Plan on bringing some spending money. Airfare is subject to change.

These are estimates based on 2019 airfare. 

Some funds have been set aside for partial scholarships based on need (Please contact Mary Niebler with questions about the scholarship.)

Additional costs for trips outside of the U.S.:

  • $100 UD Center for International Programs fee. This is separate from the trip cost and goes to cover health and safety oversight for our international travelers.
  • Passport (if you don’t already have one) $145 -Passport must be valid for 6 months after trip dates.
  • Vaccination: costs vary widely/ health insurance varies/ which shots you need varies
  • Spending money


Participants must attend weekly preparation meetings with the group. This is a major commitment. You must be willing to commit your time and energy to this effort or you will lose your place on the trip. The purpose of the meetings is to build group comradery, grow together in faith sharing, and to become prepared to enter into your cross-cultural experience.

If you would like more information, contact Mary Niebler.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we travel?

International BreakOut groups will travel together to and from their destination, starting from UD. We ask that all students be back on campus the night before your departure (unless you are local and can meet in the morning or at the airport). We will arrange for housing for all students. Those who live in UD houses or Garden Apartments can generally get extended stay for that period and we will help the others have a place to stay. Students will receive instructions on this through their orientation.

It is important that our groups fly in together. There are occasional exceptions to this, which will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Campus Ministry will provide rides from campus to the airport and pick the group up upon their return.

Who is in charge?

All of our International BreakOut groups are led by at least one staff or faculty member, and oftentimes two. We incorporate student leadership as well. The staff or faculty person is trained in emergency protocol and is there to work through emotional, spiritual, and physical struggles with the students. They will also provide valuable reflection and processing of the experience with the group.

Our trips are also hosted by in-country organizations, who serve as transportation, guides, local experts and general hospitality. Over the years, we have built long-standing, trusted relationships with these organizations and individuals.

We do view all students over the age of 18 as adults. Therefore, they are responsible for signing release forms and waivers for these trips. We strongly encourage students to share all information they are learning with their families.

What if I cannot afford the whole cost of the trip?

It is our goal that these experiences are open to all students, regardless of financial circumstances. We will work with you in a variety of ways to make this trip a possibility. We greatly encourage students to fundraise through our annual fair trade sale and through letter writing. Also, there are few grants available for these experiences. Finally, we can set up a payment plan or a reduced price to make it work.

What happens if there is an emergency?

We partner closely with the University of Dayton's Center for International Programs on our emergency protocol. We have an international emergency team, which assembles to determine the best course of action in the case of either an individual or group emergency.

Our group leaders are trained in our protocol and we receive great assistance from our local hosts.

Emergencies don't happen often, but we are prepared. We are members of International SOS, and all traveling with our group will received their services.

Our leaders and campus offices have students' emergency contact information and will notify those contacts if deemed necessary.

What is International SOS?

International SOS is a worldwide emergency medical and travel assistance company. The University of Dayton holds a membership and groups and individuals traveling with us are covered under their services. They are not an insurance company, but provide a variety of medical and travel advice, both prior to and during travel; they are a phone call away during emergencies, whether we need advice on where to seek medical attention, or we need to evacuate a group due to an environmental disaster.

Please visit their website at for more information. The University of Dayton's member ID is 11BYSG000008.

Who should my parents or I contact if we have a question?

You or your parents may contact Mary Niebler, Coordinator of Cross-cultural Immersions in Campus Ministry's Center for Social Concerns with any questions.


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