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Table of Plenty

Join Us for Deep Discussion

The Table of Plenty is a monthly lunchtime discussion on a complex social justice topic and how it is related to religious beliefs. We hope to have people with a broad spectrum of opinions join us for open, respectful conversation where all sides are heard. A free lunch will be provided. Table of Plenty lunches are on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 12:30pm-1:45pm.

Since all of the Table of Plenty lunch dialogues through February are PATH-eligible events, please sign up on 1850 on the Tuesday 48 hours prior to the event. Check back here to sign-up for the March and April ones.

Dates and topics for 2023-24
  • September 14: Voting is Sacred
  • October 12: The Dignity of Women and Health Care in America
  • November 9: The Challenge of Nonviolence
  • January 11: Dialogue and Democracy
  • February 8: Love in a Time of Letters and Legislation
  • March 7: The Immigrant Experience, Catholic Social Teaching and the Paschal Mystery
  • April 11:
topics from last year
  • Faith Traditions and Abortion
  • Faithful Voting
  • Food is Love
  • Joy as Resistance
  • Race and Police Violence
  • Unpacking the East Palestine Environmental Disaster
  • A Place at the Table: Embracing the LGBTQ+ Community

For more information, please contact Nick Cardilino



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