Irene Dickey and Molly Schaller

Miryam Award Nominations

Each year, the Miryam Award is given to an individual (student, faculty, or staff) or a group (student organizations, committees, programs, etc.) on the UD campus whose actions:

1. Enhance the climate for and support the advancement of women on the UD campus;

2. Go beyond one’s normal UD duties in advancing the campus community for women; and

3. Reflect the mission of the University.

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Nominations will be accepted through Monday, February 6, 2017. 

Selection Process

The Miryam Award Selection Committee will meet and review all submitted nominations in early February. The committee will consider each nominee based upon responses to the three criteria areas identified on the nomination form. Therefore, it is important that nominators submit clear and concise information regarding their nominees. The Selection Committee will identify the Miryam Award recipient(s) in mid February.

Miryam Award Selection Committee

Includes representatives from the following UD entities:

Finance and Administrative Services
Center for Social Concern
Panhellenic Council
Office for Mission and Rector
Student Development
Women’s Center
Women’s and Gender Studies
Exempt and non-exempt professional staff
Undergraduate students
School of Law

Award Prayer Service and Reception- All Welcome

To honor the award winner/s, each year there will be a prayer service and reception on or around March 25, the Feast of the Annunciation. The prayer service is planned and organized by campus ministers to reflect the values, hopes, and dreams of the winner/s and to reflect the spirit of the Feast Day. After the prayer service, the person who nominated the winner will share reflections on the winner and the selection committee will officially present the award (plaque displayed in Barrett Dining Hall and $1,000.00 to be used towards a program to support women on campus). The 2017 prayer service and award ceremony will be on Friday, March 24 at 4:30pm in the KU Torch Lounge. 


The Miryam Award was initiated by Campus Ministry's Center for Social Concern in 1996 as a way to recognize the efforts of people on our campus to change the atmosphere and the potential for women's achievements here at the University of Dayton. Significant changes and support for women have been made through the courage, the determination, and the persistence of individual women and men as well as organizations in the campus community.

Recipients of the Miryam Award

2017: Katie Brossart, Colleen McDaniel, and Christine Schramm

2016: Irene Dickey and Molly Schaller 
2015: Malcolm Daniels and the Society of Women Engineers
2014: Shauna Adams and Shane White (read article here)

2013: Debra Monk and Corinne Witherspoon

2012: Elizabeth Reeves , Alisa Bartel and Alex Kreidenweis
2011: Dr. Judith Martin, Claire Hampel, and Annie Buscemi

2010: Grace Crivello and Dr. Betty Youngkin

2009: Dr. Sheila Hassel Hughes and Caitlin Cronin

2008: Advocating for Women’s Equality

2007: Sr. Mary Louise Foley, FMI

2006: Amy Lopez-Matthews

2005: Ashley Neu and the Annie T Thornton Women’s Leadership Conference

2004: Kathy Watters and Katie King

2003: Pat Johnson

2002: POP and Original Steering Committee

2001: SAFE (Students Advocating Female Equality)

2000: Barbara Farrelly

1999: Women’s Studies Program

1998: Bro. Raymand Fitz, SM

1997:Mary Neacy

1996: Title IX Committee

Engineering Empowerment--2015 Miryam Award Winners

by Erin Callahan '15

Every year, an individual or group of faculty, staff or students is awarded the Miryam Award for efforts to change the atmosphere and the potential for women’s achievements at UD. Malcolm Daniels, associate professor of engineering, and the Society of Women Engineers received the honor this year.

Campus Ministry’s Center for Social Concern, the initiator of the award, and the greater UD community celebrated their efforts March 25 during a prayer service and reception.

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is a national organization whose mission is to “stimulate women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and demonstrate the value of diversity.”

“Our chapter truly lives out SWE’s overall mission and really exemplifies what the Miryam Award is about,” said Laura Bistrek, faculty adviser for the University of Dayton chapter and program manager for diversity in engineering programs.

SWE has brought several keynote speakers to campus and provided professional networking opportunities. Additionally, they host an annual event with local Girl Scouts help them earn an aerospace engineering badge. They’ve also partnered with Cummins to host an event for students to build a diesel engine out of Legos and discuss the engineering behind it.

Daniels has served as a mentor — a source of support and encouragement in the engineering department and across campus. He was also recognized for his efforts in getting the National Science Foundation Advanced Leader grant to support the recruitment, retention and promotion of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) across the Dayton area.

The winners were awarded $1,000 to give to an organization of their choice, and they both chose SWE. Daniels’ donation came with a request: The organization would make an increased effort for outreach to international women in the engineering program.

“The last three years we’ve worked really hard to reach out to more girls and do a lot more than just have a meeting once a month, and to make sure that those who are involved are benefiting from being involved,” Dvorsky said. “It let us know that what we’re doing is making an impact.”

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