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Step 4

Step 4: Contact the Priest or Deacon responsible for your wedding preparation process

Six months before your wedding

A number of documents are required by the Immaculate Conception Chapel and, in some situations, obtaining and completing them may require considerable time. Together with your priest, you will gather and complete the following forms, all of which must be turned into the Katie Mathews no later than one month before the wedding.

The Priest for your Wedding:

The question of who officiates at your wedding is an important one. The choice of the presider is an invitation that the couple extends to someone they know and trust and someone with whom they are comfortable in his role as a representative of the Church. The preparation priest is not necessarily the same priest who will help you with the documentation. Any priest in good standing, approved and delegated by Parochial Vicar for the University of Dayton may preside at your wedding in the Chapel.


These acknowledge that both parties are free to marry. Your parents or close relatives are asked to fill out the form before a priest, deacon or pastoral associate. Both the bride and groom must each turn in two affidavits.

Baptismal Certificates:

Updated certificates, issued by the parish where you were baptized (dated six months before the wedding), are needed. You cannot use originals or copies of originals for this purpose. Also, make sure all notations are listed including: First Holy Communion, Confirmation and any marriages.

Marriage Registration Form:

This questionnaire is completed by a priest and answered by each party before the pastor or priest. Its purpose is to provide a legal statement of freedom and right of intention to marry.

Marriage Preparation Certificate:

You will receive a certificate at the completion of your marriage preparation program. This marriage preparation process should begin at least six months before your wedding day. The certificate will be part of the paperwork submitted.


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