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Step 1

Step 1: Schedule Your Wedding

Because we are not a parish, there are Archdiocesan guidelines that determine who is allowed to be married in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception. The normal place for a Catholic to be married is in his or her current parish Church. Everything else is an exception and needs permission.


Nine to 12 months before your wedding

In this step, you reserve your wedding date with the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception. Diocesan guidelines require that weddings at the University of Dayton be celebrated in the Chapel. Weddings may not be performed at any other location on campus.

To be married in the Chapel, at least one of the parties must be Catholic and must be one of the following:

•     A current University of Dayton student
•     A graduate, current faculty, or staff member of the University of Dayton.
•     Children of current members of UD faculty or staff.

Those planning on getting married should contact the University of Dayton Campus Minister for Liturgy and Sacraments, Katie Mathews, to schedule a date for the wedding.

Agreement Forms

Please complete the agreement forms and follow the instructions to send them to Katie Mathews. These forms are necessary when the second deposit is remitted.

Priest's Acceptance Form

Couples' Agreement

Contact a Priest

You are required to select the priest or deacon who will prepare you for the sacrament of matrimony and preside at the wedding. Contact your priest or deacon to check his availability and discuss how you will complete the wedding preparation process with him.


When can a wedding ceremony take place?

Wedding times are Saturdays at 1 pm or 4pm only.

When can a wedding not be scheduled:
  • During Lent or the Triduum
  • During Advent
  • On Holiday Weekends or when the University is closed
  • On weekends when special university events are scheduled (like Marianist Celebrations and Orientation Weekend)
  • Fridays
Wedding Rehearsals:

Wedding rehearsals are scheduled for one hour beginning at 5pm on Friday. Often, rehearsals take less than this allotted time. The priest or deacon witnessing the marriage is normally expected to be present to direct the rehearsal. The wedding coordinator will be present to assist as needed.


Campus Ministry

Liberty Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0408