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Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Celebration of the liturgy is the primary faith-formational activity of the Catholic Church. In and through the liturgy, Catholics are brought into the Paschal Mystery of dying and rising with Christ, and are transformed into the body of Christ. As the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy (paragraph 10) from Vatican II says, "the liturgy is the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed; it is also the fount from which all her power flows.

Because of our Marianist heritage and identity, the University of Dayton's educational mission puts great priority on faith formation. As an essential dimension of this mission, the University strives to celebrate liturgies that are dynamic, challenging and enriching; engage the faithful in full, active and conscious participation; and reflect our distinctive Marianist community-of-faith spirit. In so doing, a deeper appreciation and enthusiasm for the richness of the Catholic liturgical tradition will be fostered, the lived faith of the people will be nourished and the Church will be strengthened. Students will leave the University of Dayton with a practical, lived understanding of the Marianist charism and with skills and sensibilities for fuller participation in liturgical celebrations.

Since it was built in 1869, the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception has been the focal point of the University of Dayton. In terms of mission, spirituality and campus geography, the chapel marks the central axis around which the University has grown: it is truly the heart of the University of Dayton community. Over the decades, Marianists have professed and renewed their religious vows within its walls; students and alumni have become engaged or professed their wedding vows in the chapel; and some Marianists and other members of the campus community have been eulogized from there. The ongoing stream of daily and Sunday liturgies celebrated in the chapel has shaped and sustained the faith life of the University. Individuals seek out the chapel for a quiet moment of prayer between classes, at the beginning or end of the work day, or when simply walking by.

The affection and strong emotional attachment that the campus community has for the chapel is witnessed in the frequency with which it is represented in photography, paintings and artwork. Indeed, images of the chapel have come to symbolize the University. For many, the chapel's prominent dome and simple, honest exterior symbolize the faith commitment and humble, welcoming spirit of the University of Dayton.

The development of a new campus master plan offered the opportunity to assess our worship spaces and plan for the future. This renovation addressed many needs, including seating capacity; sufficient space and quality design to allow for the complete celebration of the full range of liturgical actions called for by the Church; and aesthetics that enhance prayer through beauty, dignity and simplicity. With these, the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception can remain, for the foreseeable future, the primary daily and Sunday worship space, as well as a place for personal devotional prayer outside of liturgies.


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