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Chapel Renovation

Chapel Rededication video

It's official! Bishop Binzer officiated the rededication service on Sunday, August 16! You can see the Welcome Ceremony that happened outside prior to Mass here:

And you can watch the whole Mass here:

More Than a Treasured Landmark

Dear Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Friends,

Every great Catholic university needs a sacred space in the heart of its campus. A place that welcomes all. A place to worship our God.

The Chapel of the Immaculate Conception is more than just a treasured landmark on campus. Its long-overdue renovation goes beyond bricks and mortar to the heart of our identity. We are and will always be a community of faith.

Nearly every week over the past two years, the chapel renovation committee has met to consider every detail behind the building's first complete renovation since it was constructed in 1869. They were guided by faith, vision and a set of unwavering principles.

As the University of Dayton adapts and changes for the future, we value continuity and tradition.

May the beautifully restored wooden front doors welcome generations to come. May you continue to find a sense of peace and purpose here. May this chapel be a living witness to our shared faith in the future.


Daniel J. Curran, Ph.D

The Committee's Guidelines and Gratitude

Dear Friends,

Welcome to our beloved Chapel of the Immaculate Conception! As co-chairs of the renovation committee, we hope you find the chapel a prayerful space to encounter our loving and faithful God.

The chapel renovation committee, comprised of faculty, staff, alumni and students, began its work in 2007 and intensified its efforts in 2013 when sufficient funds had been raised. Motivated by a desire to honor the significance of the chapel as the central place of worship on campus, the committee remained faithful to these guidelines:

  • To create the best possible liturgical space that meets the requirements of today’s liturgy, using appropriate Church documents as a guide.
  • To respect the historical dimensions of the chapel, especially the east/west axis, the west facade and the iconic dome.
  • To remain within the limits of the chapel’s original footprint with some modest expansion to the south for service areas, including restrooms.
  • To fashion a more harmonious aesthetic between windows, walls, flooring, liturgical pieces and artwork to enhance the chapel’s beauty.
  • To provide universal accessibility and meet other building code requirements.
  • To be a LEED-certified project with emphasis on sustainability in the use of materials and design.

We hope those who enter this sacred space recognize, as we have, the great gift of the chapel’s history, which inspired architects, engineers, artisans and artists as they sought to enhance its beauty.

We deeply appreciate the dedicated service of the chapel renovation committee, which gave long hours to the project, and recognize Teri Dickison, Beth Keyes, David Schmidt, Crystal Sullivan, campus ministry, the facilities management department and the advancement team who contributed significantly to the planning of the renovation and the dedication ceremony. Special recognition must be given to Ken Brightman, our architect. This project has been a dedication of love. Finally, we give special thanks to our generous, visionary donors who made our dream a reality.

We pray this sacred space will inspire faculty, staff, students, alumni and guests for many more years to come.

Peace in Christ,

Rev. James Fitz, S.M. 
Vice President for Mission and Rector

Sandra Yocum
Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Sacred Space: The Booklet

Find everything you could want to know about the renovation of the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception in this full-color 30-page booklet (.pdf file).

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