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Virtual Exhibits & Videos

Exhibits on Demand

Marian Library faculty and staff have curated or contributed to this selection of virtual exhibits. Sit back, take your time and tour through aspects of our collections anytime and from anywhere.

Journeys of Faith: Shrines, Souvenirs and Catholic Tourism

Catholic shrines and festivals attract millions of visitors each year, ranging from pilgrims on spiritual journeys to casual tourists. This exhibit, featuring items from the Marian Library and the U.S. Catholic Special Collection at the University of Dayton, explores the motivations for Catholic travel; what visitors do at these sites; and the souvenirs they bring back—from handcrafted devotional objects to quirky mementos.

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On Paper: Nativity Imagery from Marian Library Collections

This is an exhibit of Nativity imagery from across the Marian Library's expansive collections — all united by one common theme: paper. Paper is a humble yet versatile medium. It has been used for centuries by artists across the globe to imagine and communicate the joyful mystery of the birth of Jesus Christ. The exhibit features imagery from biblical events including the journey to Bethlehem; the birth of Christ; the annunciation to the shepherds; the flight to Egypt; and Epiphany. Two special features highlight the pop-up paper crèches of Czech artist Vojtěch Kubašta and images of the Madonna and Child on stamps from around the world. 

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Mary in Miniature: Books of Hours in the Marian Library's Collections

Books of Hours — devotional books centered on a series of prayers to the Virgin Mary — were the best-selling book in Europe for over 300 years, from 1250 to 1550. This exhibit highlights Books of Hours in the Marian Library’s collection — their art, their text and their unique (and sometimes unusual) features. Books of Hours, also called horae, not only contain artistic masterpieces in miniature, but also provide a window into the religious and social lives and customs of their medieval readers.

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Mary and Borders

Using objects from the Marian Library as inspiration, students in the Latina/Latino Religious Experiences course undertook their own exploration of the Virgin Mary's presence in physical and conceptual border spaces. The result: Mary and Bordersa compilation of narratives, videos, images, games, interactive prayers and multimedia works by students at the University of Dayton and St. Mary’s University in San Antonio. 

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Presenting this selection of videos produced over the years to highlight areas of the Marian Library's collections.

Nativity Selections from the 2022 ‘Juggling for Mary’ Christmas Exhibit

These Nativities were selected to demonstrate the variety of unique and personal gifts that can be offered to the infant Jesus. 

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Holy Rosary Mysteries

Pray the Rosary with these videos featuring images of Mary from the University of Dayton campus, the Marian Library and the U.S. Catholic Special Collection.

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‘At the Manger’ 2021

A selection of crèches — created with clay, wood, tin and paper — that were on display in the Stuart and Mimi Rose Gallery during the 2021 At the Manger exhibit. 

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On Paper: Nativity Imagery from the Marian Library's Collections Curator Talk

Professors Jillian Ewalt, Kayla Harris and Henry Handley showcase compelling items featured in the virtual exhibit. (2020)

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The Nativity Narrative

Highlighting select Nativities from the popular Marian Library Crèche Collection, we present to you the Gospel of Luke (2:1-19) read aloud by Brother Raymond L. Fitz, S.M., president emeritus of the University of Dayton. (2020)

The images in the video are from the Marian Library Crèche Collection and listed in order of appearance:
• “Mirror of Hope” (detail), Kevin Hanna, United States (ML.0117.16,22)
• “Shelter Seeking,” Horst Störinger, Austria (ML.2642)
• “A Shepherd’s Feast,” J.B. Sengayire, Rwanda (ML.2608)
• “Counting Sheep,” Franziska Torti-Roten, Switzerland (ML.1820)
• “As It Was in the Beginning” (detail), John Schnegg, Canada (ML.0250.01)
• “Magic Carpet” (detail), Jeanette Richards and Sandra Penfield, United States (ML.0092.05)
• “The Wonders of Telling,” Mary Lucero, United States (ML.1116.14)
• “The Center of the Earth,” Robert Himmelbauer, Austria (ML.0158.17, 18)

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CBS Sunday Morning Segment

Interview with Marian Library director Sarah B. Cahalan covering At the Manger and the Crèche collection. (2019)

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The Provencal Village Display

The story of the Provencal Village Nativity set. (2018)

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Mirror of Hope

The Mirror of Hope, a sculpture by Kevin Hanna, is a panorama encompassing the sweep of Christianity from the Creation to the City of God. (2017)

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Davis Santon Collection

This video tells the story of one particular Nativity set, purchased in southern France by Bob and Judy Davis. (2014)

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Culturally Diverse Nativities

Reflecting on how diverse cultures tell the story of Christ's birth through their own customs and traditions. (2010)

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