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Languages & Culture

Can the Marian Library Support Instruction in Languages and Culture?


For example...

The Advent and Christmas traditions of many cultures are documented by the crèche collection in the Marian Library.

south african nativity set made of beads“Painted Houses.” Nativity from South Africa by Ndebele Artisans. From the Marian Library Crèche Collection.

The collections also include statues of Mary from many different countries and in many materials. The prints and posters include many Ukrainian materials, for example, as well as materials from France, Italy, Mexico, and Spain.

Japanese statue of the Madonna“Madonna and Child,” Japanese woodcarving by Marianist Sisters, 1970s.

Books from multiple centuries can demonstrate variations in a particular language over time and may be useful for advanced classes in particular languages (such as German, Italian, and French).

rare book openEstella, Diego de. Tratado de la Vida Loores y Excelencias del Glorioso Apostol Bienauenturado Euangelista San Juan. Lisbon, Portugal: La Imprẽta de German Gallarde, 1554.

Catalan sheet music and other Catalan materials could be of interest for Spanish classes. The Marian Library has many prints of Goigs, or joys, in Catalan. These are hymns laid out as broadside prints and are among the uncataloged collection of flat files.

sheet music Joy and Praise“Joys in Praise of Our Lady of Remedy,” Mas-Vila, Spain, 1891. From the Marian Library flat files.

The Marian Library collections include numerous liturgical texts (missals, breviaries, Little Office of the Blessed Virgin), church documents (decrees of ecumenical councils), etc., that could be useful for Latin courses. 



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