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Anthropology & Archaeology

Can the Marian Library Support Instruction in Anthropology and the Arhaeology?


For example...

The Marian Library collections include materials in more than 100 languages, including texts and images prepared for missionary work. One example: An uncataloged item labeled “Eskimo Catechism,” which appears to be written in Inuktitut syllabics, includes both text and illustrations intended for missionary work in parts of Canada. No catalog record is available, but the book is available for consultation.

Image"Eskimo Catechism." Uncataloged.

The sociology and anthropology of Catholic communities could be illustrated by means of the material culture and evidence of personal devotion represented by many of the archival collections (materials related to rosaries, novenas, etc., that illustrate personal devotions as well as community practice such as processions and pilgrimages). 
The Marian Library collection includes thousands of novenas, many of which are hundreds of years old.

In addition, the Marian Library holds rules and constitutions for many religious orders and lay groups, including many rules that were replaced following the Second Vatican Council.

red scapular“Red Scapular of the Passion” from the Marian Library devotional scapular collection. The Red Scapular of the Passion of Our Lord and the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary is a Catholic devotional scapular associated with the Congregation of the Mission (Lazarists). The scapular reads, "Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary protect us" (left) and "Holy Passion of our Lord J.C. save us" (right).

vile containing cotton with root of jesse“Root of Jesse Cotton.” Vial containing cotton soaked in myrrh, which is said to have appeared from the myrrh-bearing and scented icon of the Virgin of the Root of Jesse in Andros, Greece.

Archaeological texts, both rare and general, include historical guidebooks such as Baedeker travel guides, which include maps, routes, and descriptions of sites. Coverage is particularly strong for the Holy Land and areas with Marian sites. Historical travel and tourism are also represented by several archival collections including the Marian travel and tourism collection.

collage of maps and brochuresMaps and brochures from the Marian travel and tourism collection.

The Marian Library also includes international statues reflecting various cultures, countries, and continents. It is not always known whether a given artwork was prepared for local use or for sale to tourists (or both), but that uncertainty can be part of the conversation. 

The print collection also includes international representations of the Virgin Mary. For example, "Madonnas of the World," a series of illustrations, is part of the uncataloged collection of flat files.

contemplative madonna wooden statue“Polynesian Madonna,” wood statue from Polynesia, 20th century.

detail of a japanese madonna print“Our Lady of Japan,” published by Geo. A. Pflaum, Publisher, Inc. with Ecclesiastical Approbation, 1958. From the Marian Library flat files. 


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