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Our Volunteers

Kudos to Our Volunteers!

The Early Years

Once the idea of displaying the Nativities took flight 1997, and for the next three years, the number of crèches of the Marian Library Crèche Collection increased, and so did the number of aficionados and helpers. The group of volunteers was spearheaded by the dynamic co-chair of Connie Breen and Ginny Whalen, and helped for administrative tasks by Joanne Beirise. 

A Continuous Labor of Love

The development, maintenance inventory, and display of The Marian Library Crèche Collection would not be possible without the all-year-round involvement of volunteers. Thanks to the many gifts of these generous friends of the Marian Library, we are able to properly and electronically inventory the Nativity sets the Marian Library receives or purchases, to provide maintenance and storage, to build every year between 20 to 30 new Nativity scenes and cases, to publicize our collection and seek financial support, to organize and set up the annual and year-round exhibits, and to take care of the countless small and big chores related to this important endeavor.

Join the Team!

You, too, can donate your time and talent to help build settings, install exhibits, serve as docents and assist in the care and organization of the collections. If we do something, you can bet that a volunteer is at our side making it all possible.  For more information on volunteering for the Marian Library's art and exhibits, contact Michelle Devitt at 937-229-4213.

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