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Gallery Schedule

Exhibits on Display in 2019

From paintings to postage stamps, beads to paper, and a retrospective covering 25 years of exhibits, the Marian Library's art gallery will present exceptional and distinctive displays throughout 2019.

The Many Faces of the Madonna

Feb. 11 – March 29

Retrospective exhibit showcasing 25 years of art exhibits in the Marian Library's gallery

For 25 years and over 120 exhibits, the Marian Library has researched and documented contemporary artistic sensitivity and creativity with regard to the visual representation of Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ. 

A Miniature Museum of Marian Art: The Madonna on Stamps

April 8 – June 28

Postal stamps of the world have captured many of the "Thousand Faces" of the Madonna in Icons and sculptures, in Renaissance and Baroque art, from Raphael to Chagall.

The Madonna and Her Many Sanctuaries

July 8 – Aug. 30

This exhibit shows a representative sampling of exquisite 17th and 18th century etchings of Marian sanctuaries in Central Europe. It is based on a first-rate German and French collection of etchings belonging to the Marian Library.

Beads, Dolls and Pics

Sept. 9 – Nov. 1

From paintings to figurines and actual rosary beads, this exhibit illustrates, represents and recreates a variety of ways in which the rosary mysteries have been imagined, meditated and prayed in recent times.

At the Manger: World Nativity Traditions

Beginning Nov. 18

At the Manger: World Nativity Traditions
Wonders of Paper: Christmas of the Poor

The highlight of the 2019 Nativity exhibit will feature crèches from around the world made of paper, cardboard and paper mache. It will include nativity sets made of cornhusk, banana leaves and straw from countries where poverty has a different name.

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