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Crèche Collection

Marian Library Crèche Collection

Over 3,600 Nativity sets from around the world!

In late summer of 1994, The Marian Library and International Marian Research Institute at the University of Dayton began an earnest effort to collect various contemporary cultural expressions of the Nativity scene. To date, the collection holds more than 3,600 crèches from many parts of the world, some of them on permanent display in the Marian Library's Crèche Museum. However, collecting and displaying is not an end in itself. The Marian Library uses its crèches to promote the study of culture and religion, and has set the following goals: to show how strongly and permanently culture and religion influence and enrich each other, to pinpoint some of the psychological and sociological implications of the Christmas tradition, to highlight the aesthetic dimension of religious culture, and to make better known the meaning of the Christmas event.

The development of The Marian Library's Crèche Collection was and is entirely based on the generous contributions of friends and donors. The collection has developed into an ongoing project which finds expression in academic research and courses. The nativity sets in this collection celebrate the Incarnation through the styles, expressions and traditions of peoples across the globe.

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