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Traveling Exhibits

Ready and Waiting

The following are a just two examples of the many art exhibits available for loan museums, galleries, colleges, parishes and other institutions from the Marian Library's art collections.

Contact our Curatorial Assistant at or 937-229-4213 for more detailed information. 

Mary's Flowers in Contemporary Art

Holly Schapker

A series of 24 paintings representing episodes of Mary's life from the Annunciation to the Assumption. Each of the paintings is accompanied by typical flowers, the flowers tradition attributes to Mary for the various circumstances of her life. The paintings make reference to different styles from coptic to modern and highlight the spirituality which connects the scenes of Mary's life and the meaning of the flowers. Each painting is accompanied by a thorough desciption of style, meaning, and artist statement. A panel summarizes the significance of the exhibit.

24 oil paintings, framed (26"x32")

Creative Images

Ned Ostendorf

The twelve paintings relate to episodes of salvation history from the Old and New Testaments. Most of them are from the life of Jesus. Each painting contains a hidden image highlighting the deeper meaning of the scene pictured.

12 acrylic paintings, framed (21"x29")

ML.4509.18A-20A, 22A-25A, 35A-39A


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